Daily Archives: June 29, 2006

Gettn’ Ready

Gettn’ Ready

I ran around all week trying to get everything ready for next week. I took tomorrow off so that I can pick up all the little things. I am like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Watch out ya’ll- Georgia is a comin to NECC!

Summer down time? Hardly!

One of the primary reasons I got into blogging and podcasting was because they offered me the ability to virtually attend conferences that I wasn’t able to get to in person.  Event hough I couldn’t be there, I could still learn from the people who were. The ‘conference effect’ is in full force right now

Thanks for the Memories & Help!

We wish to extend our gratitude for this past DEN Summit in Allen Texas, June 26-29.  We learned a bunch of new tricks and toys and refreshed our training in other areas!!! In appreciation, we composed this little limerick – no it’s not the usual kind…Ha! "We love our DEN, Michelle, Brad and Chris Their