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Live from South Africa

Wow, the Discovery Educator Abroad crew in South Africa right now aren’t wasting any time.  Visit the site to see a slew of blog posts, some digital photos, and keep your eye out soon for both webisodes and podcasts!  Check out the website for complete coverage, but here’s just a little taste to wet your


Well it begins. Today is the start of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I’m learning to look at these things without cringing. For some they are misunderstood creatures of the sea. To me – they are ferocious animals. I don’t think I’ve misunderstood their abilities. I even took the quiz on Cosmeo  and have

Shark Week Promises to be Fin-tastic!

I want your input on something…  First of all, how many of you are familiar with the Discovery show, "Dirty Jobs"?  What do you think of the host, Mike Rowe?   If you are a fan (yep, me too!) you might find it interesting to know that Mike lives RIGHT HERE in Northern California!!!  Given that

Discovery Educator Abroad – South Africa

Think one Discovery Educator exploring the Pacific Rim was exciting?  Try multiplying that by six! Saturday morning six lucky teachers will be leaving for South Africa.   In conjunction with the Discovery Channel’s Global Education Partnership, these teachers will be visiting schools and sharing experiences with teachers there.  Of course, just like the previous  Discovery Educator

Blogging & Podcasting

One of the benefits of being a Discovery Educator Network member is having access to create your own blog, linked to your profile at the Discovery Educator Network website. These blogs are a great way to get to know fellow DEN members before an event or to keep up with them after you’ve networked at

Almost 400!

I was told today that I’m blog happy and talk to much. Guess it’s true, because I’m back! We just finished Digital Storytelling and I would like to enjoy the movie at the cafe tonight with my family rather than work on event documentation. So while Cheryl Woolwine is making me laugh, I’m trying to

Promo for Your Class!

Great tip from Kirk in Putnam County! Do a digital story promo on your subject area. Today in Digital Storytelling Class he started a great project that will entice his students to be interested in what he plans to teach this coming year. He used videos from unitedstreaming, will be adding some great sound and