Archives for July 13, 2006

  1. Joel Takes Time to Fly

    Everyone, meet my favorite butterfly Joel Jacobson in his debut blog.  If you haven’t met this beautiful butterfly yet, you really ought to check him out!  Joel is helping schools from around the nation take flight with innovative fundraising through the program Learning Adds Up.  Through selling Discovery’s newest home media product, COSMEO, they will […]

  2. Pictures are worth a 1000 words – National DEN Institute Inspiring

    The First Discovery Educator National Institute – July 11-14, 2006   Meet the amazing Discovery leaders – Ron Reed, Coni Rechner, Scott Kinney, Betsy Whalen, Steve Dembo, Hall Davidson and Lance Rougeux     Meet Discovery Educators from across the country who know the power of collaboration — and swap stories, share dreams, develop new […]

  3. Washington D.C.

    We traveled a few nights ago on a "dusk" rather than moonlight tour of Washington D.C., and then we took another trip today.  What a great city full of total touristy treats!  I saw the Washington Monument, the newer World War II Memorial, and my personal favorite, the Lincoln Memorial.  I remember seeing it on […]

  4. Please complete this survey!

    One more chance to complete the DEN End of Year Survey!!! Just a quick reminder (and friendly plea!!) to ask you to complete the DEN end-of-year user survey if you haven’t already had the chance.  We want to make sure next year provides you with all of the benefits and resources you need to make […]

  5. Who is an Active DEN Member?

    Events and resources – it’s what truly makes us a community. We share ideas, tips of the day, knowledge at events while we network with other educators. Online we share resources, blog, communicate thoughts on the discussion boards. Your Discovery Educator Network in North Florida is only as strong as the participants. So to encourage […]

  6. First Anniversary Survey

    In conjunction with the first anniversary of the creation of the Discovery Educator Network, all Discovery Educators recently received a message with a link to a survey. If you are a member of the Network and have not yet completed the survey, we would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to provide […]

  7. Happy Bday DEN!

    Last week I had a chance to sit back and reflect on a whirlwind of year!  DEN turned 1 and we celebrate in amazing style at Dave and Buster’s in San Diego at NECC.  150 DEN members from 20 different states joined together for an evening of networking and fun. No 1st Birthday Party would […]

  8. DEN goes to the Beach

    By far this DEN event really tops my charts!  I must say relaxing on the beach with my incredible Southern California DEN was definitely the highlight of the last couple months.  Just to take you back a bit… after our regional institute at Sea World, DEN members felt the need to have a re-union.  A […]

  9. Rock Our World: What's for Lunch?

    What did you pack in your lunch today?  Vegemite and crackers? Chocolate Sandwiches? Well the students of CA DEN member CarolAnne McGuire and PA DEN member Anne Reardon not only know what students in America pack for lunch, but also in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Israel, Japan, China. Rock Our World is […]

  10. Name this Myth….

      One of my most favorite parts of visting the set of the Myth Busters was walking around their warehouse and seeing signs of past myths.  Not only do you find them on the tables, but also sitting in corners on cabinets, in the planters outside and even hanging from the ceiling.  So, let’s make […]