Archives for August 3, 2006

  1. Ready for the Attack

    Don’t forget to turn in your events for the Shark week drawing! We had a few DEN members who went back through their calendar and found some events that they forgot to document. You can still turn these in. We have ten people entered so far for the Shark Week Prize, and a total of […]

  2. Let Ten Thousand URL’s Bloom

    The power of community is felt in shared resources.  We are collecting the best teaching and learning web sites.  Thank you if you have sent us your favorite sites. We have nearly two thousand now— but we want more! A quick search for education resources shows nearly two billion sites they are out there.  If […]

  3. Surviving Back to School with Discovery

    Tip #2 from Darlene Wolfe, Ocoee High School With many sources for free music and audio mixing, such as Audacity, as well as resources for inexpensive purchasing or free music and sound effects’ rights, more educators are making professional sounding podcasts and audio announcements for their classes. Since Audacity is free and so easy to […]