Daily Archives: August 22, 2006



As many of you heard I had quite an eventful week.  But it doesn’t seem to give up.  A few days ago, we discovered bees swarming one our brick barbeque in the backyard!  So being in the hero of the house, my hubby took off to "Good Ole" Home Depot today.  Next thing I knew

Show Me the $$$ : Educational Grants

It never fails… every training I am at, teachers need more money to purchase more resources.  Well, grants are where it’s at… go get it! It’s like little money trees… but you have to be willing to climb the branches.   Some of them are much easier than you think! So, I was on our CUE website

Playing WMV files on an Intel Mac

If you’re school was lucky enough to get any of those shiny new Intel Mac’s, then you may already be aware of the issue they have with Windows Media Videos.  Out of the box, WMV files can’t be played on Intel Macs running OSX.  While you could use bootcamp to load up Windows and play

Welcome On-Board Delaware!!

Discovery Educator Network is proud to introduce to you Amy Gordon our First Delaware Discovery Educator!! Amy visited the Discovery booth at NECC this summer and was very impressed with the DEN’s presentation.  Since her district has been using unitedstreaming for the last four years she thought the DEN would be a great resource.  Amy

Photostory Perks

We had a terrific webinar today… but the best part about it was not what I was sharing… but what YOU were sharing.  The topic of our 30 minute tutorial was the free download Photostory.  I shared how to use the program and then we spent some time discussing how we could use it in