Archives for August 23, 2006

  1. Insomnia or Insight…

    In case you were unaware of this, we now have to read and then approve any comments that are submitted before they can be posted. Recently, DEN member Scott Johnson submitted a comment in response to the thoughts of Guest Blogger Ed Warkentin. While Scott claimed that they were just the 4:00AM ramblings of a […]

  2. Free video editing with ZS4

    While researching some green-screen options for somebody in our training department, I stumbled across a free video editor that I’d never heard of called ZS4 Video Editor.  It runs on Windows, OSX and even Linux!  Astonishingly, it has over 150 built in video effects.  From their website: ZS4 Video Editor is worth using when… the […]

  3. Survivor Tip #13

    This tip is actually from a number of DEN Members and our all important Implementation Team. I’ve been to several schools or have received emails from DEN Members in awe of what Matt, Brian,  and Christina have sent them. Kathy Bunch from Polk County was very enthusiastic about the posters and can’t wait to share […]