The Art of Commenting

CoolCatTeacher shares a post about how and why to comment on blogs that I think is a must read for every fledgling blog reader and author. 

Commenting has truly been the fuel that has fired readership for my
blog and opportunity for me. It is also part of being a responsible
blogger in general.

If one is an expert, I guess they may just want to keep their "wisdom" on their own blog, but the true conversation participants are those who contribute to the discussion wherever the blog posting is.

Whether you consider yourside a newbie or an experienced blogger, I think you’ll definitely find at least one pearl of wisdom.


  1. Dale Basler

    I think comments are too often buried by new posts.

    If you make the comments into an RSS feed you can prevent this.

  2. Joe Brennan

    Maybe we could make this a graduation requirement!

  3. Debbie Bohanan

    Blogging has really helped the DEN to be connected. It’s hard to imagine life before blogging! I think it is a great tool for communicating and sharing ideas and I am looking forward to implementing it with my students. I look forward to reading the new posts to find out what is going on in other parts of our education community.

  4. Glenda Jenkins

    I have always been afraid to blog and sound stupid. I have some tips and ideas now to help me speak up. I’m going to share this with my coworkers. Thanks

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