Daily Archives: August 29, 2006

Podcasting: Resources to Explore

Podcasting has evolved into a meaningful educational tool over the past year or so. Yet, many of us, including moi, are trying to get a handle on just what podcasting, RSS feeds, and audio tools are and how these tools are used within the K-12 world. So.. I did some net searches on Wisconsin and

Survivor Tip #21

Google Earth and Atlas I am geographically challenged. Jannita in California can account for this. The poor DEN members that had to ride in the car with me in Atlanta know this. I rely heavily on my Garmin. It’s the best technology gadget I think I’ve ever bought. My poor ipod has sat uncharged since

Meet Guest Blogger Dave Kootman!

A few months ago I received a call from a gentleman that wanted to learn more about the Discovery Educator Network.  Upon returning his call, I learned that he had already applied to the DEN and was anxious to be approved and have the opportunity to tap into our resources. We spent quite a while

Survivor Tip #20

How many of you make use of the resources on the Discovery Educator Network website? If you download one, do you upload one to share with others? The resources found on the DEN website are YOUR resources, created by DEN Members for DEN Members. You can show activity by uploading resources to share with your