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What a Great Day!

What a Great Day!

I had other plans for today. Plans that included rides and shows and temptations of those expensive gadgets kids think they need while at a theme park and cry until mom or grandmom finally give in. But time was running out and I just couldn’t find another date to do our Atlas premier party that

I'm Blogging This

David Warlick has this really cool shirt that says, "I’m Blogging This." I think I need one that says, "I’m Blabbering This." BUT I DO HAVE GREAT STUFF TO TELL YOU! Let’s start with Discovery Educator Abroad. Claudia Novak, a New England Star DEN Member, is about to take a trip to China. While there,

More Webinars…

The EdTechConnect series of FREE webinars continues with STAR Discovery Educator Carol Anne Maguire. Carol will be sharing her experiences with Rock Our World, an international project involving 18 countries spanning the entire globe. Students and teachers come together to learn about each other through podcasting, movie making, and face-to-face video conferencing. Carol’s webinar will

Take your class around the world

Looking to add some international flavor to your classroom?  Have we got some options for you! Discovery Educator Abroad [DEA] is flying across the globe once again.  STAR Discovery Educator Claudia Novak will be your personal tour guide for a virtual field trip to China.  Through blogs, digital photos, discussions and polls, DEA:China is an

New Webinar Topics!

Marcus Hill is Discovery’s new Professional Development Coordinator and is in charge of the online webinars available through unitedstreaming. These webinars have some amazing topics that will definitely get Discovery Educators excited.  Some courses include Google Earth, Digital Storytelling, PowerPoint Lessons, and of course the Builders. I’m attaching the calendar for the rest of September

I had no idea it was there!

I can’t believe that there is something else in unitedstreaming every time I go deeper into the site.  Now this is more GOOD NEWS!  There are so many little links in unitedstreaming that it is amazing.  Here’s one that got completely by me – the new webinars on hot topics for teachers. Marcus Hill is

Wonderful Webinars from Discovery

Welcome aboard Marcus Hill! He’s Discovery’s new Professional Development Coordinator and is in charge of the online webinars available through unitedstreaming. I’ve always felt that our professional development opportunities were awesome, and those webinars are fantastic. However, have you looked at some of the new topics? Google Earth, Google SketchUp, and Primary Sources are just

Digital Storytelling Questions? Joe has answers!

STAR Discovery Educator Joe Brennan (recently featured on EdTechConnect) will soon be joining and sharing some of the knowledge he has gained from his many years creating digital stories.  From storyboarding to rolling the credits, Joe knows the tips and tricks that will help you succeed in your digital storytelling endeavors.  With over thirty

On the Road…

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting Jim Hopton and Peggy Barger at Jefferson Morgan Elementary school to celebrate their victory for PA’s March Blogging Contest.   The Jefferson Morgan Elementary School staff welcomed me with smiles and appreciation when I arrived with pizza for the entire staff.  For the contest, Jim and Peggy

Earn Money for Your School With Learning Adds Up!

Looking for a new way to raise extra cash for your school without the empty calories of candy or cookie dough?  Discovery’s Learning Adds Up program has the solution!  Learning Adds Up ( is a unique fundraising partnership between your school district and the Discovery Channel.  Through Learning Adds Up, your school promotes student achievement