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  1. What a Great Day!

    I had other plans for today. Plans that included rides and shows and temptations of those expensive gadgets kids think they need while at a theme park and cry until mom or grandmom finally give in. But time was running out and I just couldn’t find another date to do our Atlas premier party that […]

  2. I'm Blogging This

    David Warlick has this really cool shirt that says, "I’m Blogging This." I think I need one that says, "I’m Blabbering This." BUT I DO HAVE GREAT STUFF TO TELL YOU! Let’s start with Discovery Educator Abroad. Claudia Novak, a New England Star DEN Member, is about to take a trip to China. While there, […]

  3. More Webinars…

    The EdTechConnect series of FREE webinars continues with STAR Discovery Educator Carol Anne Maguire. Carol will be sharing her experiences with Rock Our World, an international project involving 18 countries spanning the entire globe. Students and teachers come together to learn about each other through podcasting, movie making, and face-to-face video conferencing. Carol’s webinar will […]

  4. Take your class around the world

    Looking to add some international flavor to your classroom?  Have we got some options for you! Discovery Educator Abroad [DEA] is flying across the globe once again.  STAR Discovery Educator Claudia Novak will be your personal tour guide for a virtual field trip to China.  Through blogs, digital photos, discussions and polls, DEA:China is an […]

  5. New Webinar Topics!

    Marcus Hill is Discovery’s new Professional Development Coordinator and is in charge of the online webinars available through unitedstreaming. These webinars have some amazing topics that will definitely get Discovery Educators excited.  Some courses include Google Earth, Digital Storytelling, PowerPoint Lessons, and of course the Builders. I’m attaching the calendar for the rest of September […]

  6. I had no idea it was there!

    I can’t believe that there is something else in unitedstreaming every time I go deeper into the site.  Now this is more GOOD NEWS!  There are so many little links in unitedstreaming that it is amazing.  Here’s one that got completely by me – the new webinars on hot topics for teachers. Marcus Hill is […]

  7. Wonderful Webinars from Discovery

    Welcome aboard Marcus Hill! He’s Discovery’s new Professional Development Coordinator and is in charge of the online webinars available through unitedstreaming. I’ve always felt that our professional development opportunities were awesome, and those webinars are fantastic. However, have you looked at some of the new topics? Google Earth, Google SketchUp, and Primary Sources are just […]

  8. Digital Storytelling Questions? Joe has answers!

    STAR Discovery Educator Joe Brennan (recently featured on EdTechConnect) will soon be joining and sharing some of the knowledge he has gained from his many years creating digital stories.  From storyboarding to rolling the credits, Joe knows the tips and tricks that will help you succeed in your digital storytelling endeavors.  With over thirty […]

  9. On the Road…

    Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting Jim Hopton and Peggy Barger at Jefferson Morgan Elementary school to celebrate their victory for PA’s March Blogging Contest.   The Jefferson Morgan Elementary School staff welcomed me with smiles and appreciation when I arrived with pizza for the entire staff.  For the contest, Jim and Peggy […]

  10. Earn Money for Your School With Learning Adds Up!

    Looking for a new way to raise extra cash for your school without the empty calories of candy or cookie dough?  Discovery’s Learning Adds Up program has the solution!  Learning Adds Up ( is a unique fundraising partnership between your school district and the Discovery Channel.  Through Learning Adds Up, your school promotes student achievement […]

  11. Additional Bonus to STAR DE Exclusive Promotion

    Due to the overwhelming response to the exclusive InFocus IN24 promotion for STAR Discovery Educators, whereby STAR DEs can purchase a projector for just $480 after rebate, our partner has sweetened the pot even more! If you order an InFocus IN24 projector at the special price of $580 which includes shipping ($480 after mail-in rebate), […]

  12. Mining for Curriculum

    Our mining trip began gloomy but the rain held out and we had a fantastic time touring a mine and visiting a mining village. We spent the day learning and experiencing a piece of PA History. Our educators traveled deep into the oldest operating anthracite mine and ventured through the tunnels capturing digital media of […]

  13. Not Just Journaling Anymore!

    Writing takes place in every subject, every grade… but why does it still get you rolled eyes, sighs, and one of my favorites (and I have heard this)– can we just draw you a picture?  Now, I’m all for encouraging students and their artistic talents, but one skill that will help students throughout their lives […]

  14. Conferences

    Quick question? Besides FETC, what other conferences are you going to? I can’t make it to FAME because I’ll be at the National Middle School Conference in Nashville with STAR Den Member, Kay Teehan. Anyone presenting?

  15. Atlas on iTunes

    In the blog comments about Atlas Karen mentioned that iTunes has some of the Atlas videos. I was confused, so I had to ask her, and right now I have the perfect opportunity since we’re together for a "East Coast DEN Manager Retreat" in Virginia Beach. (Yes we’re suffering. We’re right on the beach, waves […]

  16. Starting in the Middle

    Welcome to a space that I hope will be an ongoing tale of sharing about digital storytelling in education. In order to hit the ground running, I’m going to pick up on a couple of conversations that started last week. The first stems from the kickoff EdTechConnect webinar of this school year which just happened […]

  17. Who would have thought???

    Last week, we gathered at Region 10 ESC in Richardson, Texas, for a DEN STAR Night.  DE’s joined for some snacks (of course) and sharing time.  Thanks for Beth Weeks and Linda Rush for sharing some of their cool PowerPoint ideas.  Check out their uploaded resources on the DEN site. Over the past months, I […]

  18. Getting Organized with the Grapevine

    I can’t believe I was unable to give you some of the good news from the grapevine this whole week, but have no fear – there is plenty of good news!  I would first like to share a little about this past week because I meet so much incredible teachers and went to some many […]

  19. Discovery World in Wisconsin

    Today, I had the opportunity to spend time with over 70 educators from Wisconsin and Illinois at Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Educators gathered for a Day of Discovery, giving up their Saturday to learn new ways of integrating technology into their teaching and learning. The day started with welcoming remarks from Jan Wee, the […]

  20. A Day of Discovery

    Hello from Discovery World! I am in Milwaukee along with many of my Discovery Education colleagues and a large number of Discovery Educators and active unitedstreaming users from Wisconsin and Illinois. We are at the beautiful new facility on the shores of Lake Michigan for a Day of Discovery on September 23 featuring such topics […]

  21. Atlas!

        On October 1st, Discovery Channel will be launching a new series entitled ATLAS. The National Institute Attendees were honored with a sneak peek of this new show, and quickly Darlene Wolfe from Ocoee turned to me and asked, "Can we do an event for Atlas? A premiere party?". But of course! Especially since […]

  22. EdTechConnect:Digital Stories

    On Wednesday, September 20, Joe Brennan, pictured here in an unusually contemplative pose, gave the first EdTechConnect webinar presentation for the 2006-2007 school year. Joe is a STAR Discovery Educator from Illinois, and his presentation titled “An Incompleat Guide to Digital Storytelling” revealed his fascination with language and the derivations of words as well as […]