Discovery Science Update

Dsc_1The Power of DEN! Thank you all who signed up to beta-test Discovery Science Connections. Looks like the response was very powerful and they have filled all the slots. If you did not respond in time, don’t fret. Just keep your eyes open for the next chance to beta-test one of Discovery’s products and share your expertise. :-)

Oh, and I agree Michele – the logo is fantastic!


  1. Christine Brink

    Any idea when we will learn if we have been selected?

  2. Michele Futch

    Thanks Danielle! I am glad someone else thought the logo was great!

  3. Debra Gastelum

    Geez! I’m sorry I missed this chance! I’ll just keep looking for upcoming opportunities.

    I keep hoping some of my coworkers will join DEN and be able to participate in these exciting new things. I certainly encouraged it today during team meetings.

    We’ll see what happens!

  4. Nikki

    I can’t wait until it rolls out to all of us. Science is finally getting the emphasis it needs in the classroom again, and the more resources available to teachers the better. I’m anxious to see it!

  5. Tommy McClellan

    I am looking forward to the new Science program. I’m sure it will add even more to the great videos and events that Discovery and the DEN already offer.

  6. Danielle Abernethy

    Matt said that they have their list and are going through it now. If you are more middle school oriented, expect to be contacted first. If they don’t contact you, you weren’t chosen. They had a HUGE NUMBER of responses.
    Thank you all!

  7. Nikki

    Why middle school oriented? Do you know if the Science Connections is going to be geared more toward that age than elementary?

  8. Michele Futch

    I have to agree with Nikki! I teach at a Middle School so it’s perfect for us. But, if I didn’t I would be asking the same questions.

  9. Michele Futch

    High School Science is just as important, if not more so, as Middle School. Elementary is important, too.

  10. Danielle Abernethy

    From Matt’s email: “The primary group of educators that the beta test team is looking for are those at the middle school level. Discovery Education Science Connection will be an online inquiry based and formative assessment resource that focuses specfically on middle school educators and students.”

    I don’t know the timeline for the elementary or high school rollout – if there is one. But we’ll keep you informed as much as we can on any new developments.

  11. Debra Gastelum

    It would be a good time to have this since FCAT now includes science.

  12. Debbie Bohanan

    It will be great to hear about the new product. We have a science block at my elementary school and I know they would absolutely love it! Our resource teacher is a unitedstreaming user and loves all the resources she can get her hands on.

  13. Cheryl Woolwine

    We are already using unitedstreaming videos that correlate to our science objectives and goals so this will be an even greater enhancement to our curriculum defiently something to look forward to hearing about.

  14. Debra Gastelum

    Science teachers at my school have often stated that if a student is going to do well in high school science and beyond, they most definitely need a good science foundation.

    Even though many elementary teachers do add science to their curriculum, they don’t often have science backgrounds like middle school & high school teachers do.

    Using middle school science teachers as a beta test team is a good idea. After all, their focus is just science, not all subject areas like most elementary teachers have to teach.

  15. Cheryl Woolwine

    THis type of thing makes me jealous that I am not actually in the classroom anymore!

  16. Cheryl Woolwine

    The logo is awesome!

  17. Tracie Belt

    It is great to hear all the buzz aobut the new Discovery Education Science connection. I am so angry at my self for not reading my email last week. I would have loved the opportunity to beta test the product. I think that this product will make it much easier to plan units, and inquiry based projects. I can’t wait until it is avialbae.

  18. Debbie Bohanan

    I can’t wait until they release this product for elementary students.

  19. Debbie Bohanan

    Since 5th grade has a science FCAT, I am assuming other states are testing elementary students in science. Hopefully Discovery will take that into consideration and add material that would be appropriate for elementary students.

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