1. Cheryl Woolwine

    This year I am only going to ATIA same time as FETC and NECC in Atlanta!

  2. Donna Harris

    I attend FACTE for my vocational updates

  3. Nikki

    I’m going to the 3rd/4th grade teacher’s conference next month in Orlando.

  4. Jamie Bellamy

    Being a new teacher, I have never been to a professional conference other than writing and reading in-services. I am interested in going to one. Any suggestions? Is there one over the other that you would perfer to attend?

  5. Danielle Abernethy

    Well, I’d do FETC if you’re into technology. And we are currently finalizing a really cool event for DEN Star members at FETC! Woo Hoo! (and we have dinner, but I’m not announcing it until confirmed tomorrow!) National – try out NECC since next year it’s in Atlanta. It won’t be that close for awhile!

    FAME will be a nice conference, but I’m disappointed that no one from Discovery will be there. :-(

  6. Michele Futch

    I’m hoping to be able to attend FETC this year. I have never been. I would love to go and bring a couple of teachers with me!!1

  7. Michele Futch

    Also, NECC in Atlanta!

  8. Michele Futch

    Would love to attend the National Middle School Conference in Tennessee!!!

  9. Tom Turner

    FETC all the way!! Can’t wait for it to get here this year! I’ll also be presenting at FAME as you’ve already pointed out.

  10. Debbie Bohanan

    I will be at FAME for the Jim Harbin Video Awards. My students took honorable mention for their video “No One’s Rooting for Polluting”. They even have a unitedstreaming video running in the background!

  11. Debbie Bohanan

    FETC is the best state conference to attend. It’s nice to know NECC is in Atlanta. Maybe my district will send me this year.

  12. Debbie Bohanan

    My reading coach loves the IRA (International Reading Conference). This year it is being held in Toronto, Canada.

  13. Christine Brink

    I’ll be at FAST (Florida Association of Science Teachers). This year it’s in Gainesville. Some really cool workshops are going to be at UF!

  14. Danielle Abernethy

    When is FAST?

  15. Cheryl Woolwine

    FETC is a great conference. Although it is Florida’s Educational Technology Conference people from all over the country come, making it in many ways a national conference!

  16. Cheryl Woolwine

    FYI: ATIA – Assistive Technology Industry Association conference. for students and adults needing assitive technology in education and daily living.

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