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  1. The Grande Finale of the Good News Grapevine

    Isn’t the best part of 4th of July or the laser light show at EPCOT the grande finale?  I think it is so amazing how they can shoot off so many fireworks all at the same time and yet it flows.  Well, I’m trying to cover my carelessness in not planning better!  I actually thought […]

  2. DEN Podcast # 3: Digital Storytelling

    We have been receiving very positive feedback from educators who listened to the 2nd DEN podcast featuring Lisa O’Brien from the Discovery Education Professional Development team.  We also want to thank all of the listeners who submitted answers to the question from Show #2. We received over twice as many responses this week and the […]

  3. DEN Podcast Show #3 – Interview with Bernajean Porter

    In show #3 your find the following:      An indepth interview with Bernajean Porter( NASA Uplink Information DEN News Cosmeo free account for unitedstreaming Power Users Innovative ways to use podcasts in the classroom Plus many other exciting pieces of information Also remember to sybmit your answers to the question at the end of […]

  4. "I See DEN People"

    I had a sixth sense about it.  There was just something in the air.  Negativity didn’t stand a ghost of a chance.  At this time, Halloween was just over a week away and I think everyone was secretly hoping nothing would jump out and grab them during their overnight stay at the Hotel Jeffery in […]

  5. Help Shape the Future

    Since the new version of unitedstreaming went live in June, teachers have been making great use of all of the new features and added resources that are available on the site. Some of these new features grew from ideas put forth by the Discovery Education Product Development team, but many of the improvements are a […]

  6. DEN Podcast

    DEN Podcast Show #3 – Bernajean Porter on  Digital Storytelling (updated) Important Update: As a side note, if you have been subscribing via iTunes, you need to re-subscribe as we have changed our link location to make the previous shows visible through iTunes.  Without re-subscribing you will not automatically download the latest podcast. We received […]

  7. Tid Bits of News and Reminders

    Tech or Treat ‘Tis Halloween, and that means all sorts of creatures are coming out for treats tonight. Well yesterday, you missed some great treats that didn’t require costumes and were calorie free! If you missed the "Tech and Treat Webinar" check out Kristen’s blog for all the great websites. If you want to add […]

  8. Assignment Builder

    It’s there… we all see it… we all wonder how to use it…. Well, I have heard some very interesting and creative things this past week… TX Field Manager Chris Marshall shared that one of his educators uses it as Differentiated Instruction.  On the board is a sheet with tiny strips of Assignment Builder urls […]

  9. Open Office

    Another Great Post about Free Tech Tools for Teachers from Guest Blogger Dave Kootman… Microsoft continues its domination of the office and the school with its flagship productivity suite, Microsoft Office.  We’ve all used it; odds are it’s installed on your computer right now.  It certainly gets the job done, but for $150-500, it can […]

  10. 1st Graders Use Digital Storytelling to Say "We're Good Readers"

    Everyone has to check out the website listed below. Linda Foote of Poway Unified School District, has been hard at work teaching her educators why creating digital story telling is important and how to do it! Want to be impressed…. Go to this website ( and scroll down to "Good Readers" click and be patient as […]

  11. What is a Vocabucast?

    Congrats to Randy Kolset of Saddleback for taking Podcasts to a new level with Vocabucasts!  What’s a Vocabucast? You Ask!  A podcast of his students’ vocabulary words of course!  I’d love to compare reading scores after he implemented this great idea! To check out examples of Vocabucasts and Homework Radio, visit Randy’s website

  12. Official DEN Podcasts

    Did you know that DEN has it’s own Podcasts featured on iTunes?!?  Now you can hear from DEN experts from around the nation reporting to you on a variety of topics.  All you need to do is search "Discovery Educator Network" on iTunes. Here’s a brief description on our first 3 podcasts…. Let us know […]

  13. DEN Recipe Exchange

    Tis the Season to Cook and Exchange your favorite recipes!  YUMMY! So, let’s all share in the feasting by posting our recipes here… I am feeling a DEN cook off coming your way. Thanks Jutti Marsh for the 1st recipe that I highly suggest you all check out… It would be a definite hit for […]

  14. There's Even Good News About FCAT in the Grapevine!

    My favorite part about unitedstreaming is creativity.   As a 30-year veteran teacher, I have seen the pendulum swing in education from trend to trend and the present trend is data driven.  Our teachers’ creativity is being compromised by standardized testing and curriculum mapping.  The GOOD NEWS is that unitedstreaming offers teachers the ability to teach […]

  15. Take a Look at the STARS!

    Take a look at these STAR Discovery Educators!  Libby Hamilton, Azle ISD, Region 11 Area Nikki Bitzer, Frankenstein, Beth Weeks, Sherman ISD, Region 10 Area Lori Reed, Kress ISD, Region 16 Area Jackie Deluna, Wichita Falls ISD, Region 9 Area Could they be any cuter!!!!!

  16. Implementation Blog Provides Key Information!

    Have you visited the Implementation Blog yet?  If not, make this a top priority!  Our Implementation Team is amazing and provides critical support for our unitedstreaming schools.    Be sure to visit their blog on a regular basis and not just for technical support help.  Check out the great 2nd grade lesson "She’s Back and […]

  17. Author! Author!

         When Brad Fountain (ETV Digital Storytelling Training) shared his Kay Teehan based PowerPoint on digital storytelling with me a few weeks ago, I thought there was enough information there for a book. I am happy to report that Kay, a STAR Discovery Educator from Florida,  heeded my unspoken and unoffered advice. She has […]

  18. Three Days Left in the Grapevine

    Can you believe there are only three days left in October?  That also means there are only three days left to the GOOD NEWS GRAPEVINE CONTEST and I still have plenty of ideas that DEN members across Florida have shared.  I will be giving you a "bunch" in the next three days, but first I’d […]

  19. Discovery Day at Carnegie Science Center

    Join Us for a Day of Discovery Tuesday, December 5th 10:30am-3:30pm STAR educators and one Guest are invited to participate in a Professional Development Day at Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh Session Topics will include: •Digital Storytelling ·Create a product for your classroom using unitedstreaming video, audio, images and more •Director’s Cut ·Have your students […]

  20. Pixel Perfect

         A picture or graphic scanned or saved at 72 dpi (dots per inch) is good enough for a web page or a computer screen, but not good for a video. And definitely not good for either if you’re going to enlarge it for presentation software or expect it to fill a video’s screen. […]

  21. Out of this world podcasting! And, our own Wisconsin podcasting duo!

    NASA 21st Century Explorer Podcasting Competition Are you scouring the Internet for every web site relating to educational podcasting?  You may have missed this creative, cool NASA podcasting student competition but you can still tap the winning examples on November 17 when the competition winners are announced.   There are some very useful links about HOW […]

  22. The U-SAT

    I remember when I was a teacher we had all sorts of benchmark tests to prepare our students for the BIG State Test. I also remember finding fun tests that would prepare them, but were more interesting and didn’t feel like a test. I found one yesterday that I wish I had during my classroom […]

  23. The NSBA T+L Conference

    Attending T+L?If you are attending the T+L Conference in a few weeks, I hope you are planning to participate in some of the special Discovery Educator Network events we have planned.  If you plan to attend either the pre-conference session or the DEN dinner, please take a moment to respond to this very brief survey: […]

  24. Jeff Corwin … and YOU… at the National Aquarium!

    Jeff Corwin, Animal Planet Star, Visits the Aquarium Animal Planet’s Emmy-award-winning TV personality and wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin will make his first public appearance at the Aquarium on November 9th.  An expert in rainforest animals, Corwin will speak to audiences at the Aquarium about wildlife, ecology, and conservation. Thursday, November 9th, 2006, 7pm National Aquarium […]