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DEN Podcast # 3: Digital Storytelling

We have been receiving very positive feedback from educators who listened to the 2nd DEN podcast featuring Lisa O’Brien from the Discovery Education Professional Development team.  We also want to thank all of the listeners who submitted answers to the question from Show #2. We received over twice as many responses this week and the

Announcing the 2006 Discovery Educator Network National Poster Contest

It is time to let your students’ creative abilities shine through participation in the 2006 Discovery Educator Network National Poster Contest.  Challenge your students to express their love for learning by creating a digital image that shows how they "Connect to a World of Learning."  • What do you enjoy learning? • How do you

DEN Podcast Show #3 – Interview with Bernajean Porter

In show #3 your find the following:      An indepth interview with Bernajean Porter( NASA Uplink Information DEN News Cosmeo free account for unitedstreaming Power Users Innovative ways to use podcasts in the classroom Plus many other exciting pieces of information Also remember to sybmit your answers to the question at the end of

"I See DEN People"

I had a sixth sense about it.  There was just something in the air.  Negativity didn’t stand a ghost of a chance.  At this time, Halloween was just over a week away and I think everyone was secretly hoping nothing would jump out and grab them during their overnight stay at the Hotel Jeffery in

Help Shape the Future

Since the new version of unitedstreaming went live in June, teachers have been making great use of all of the new features and added resources that are available on the site. Some of these new features grew from ideas put forth by the Discovery Education Product Development team, but many of the improvements are a

DEN Podcast

DEN Podcast Show #3 – Bernajean Porter on  Digital Storytelling (updated) Important Update: As a side note, if you have been subscribing via iTunes, you need to re-subscribe as we have changed our link location to make the previous shows visible through iTunes.  Without re-subscribing you will not automatically download the latest podcast. We received

Tid Bits of News and Reminders

Tech or Treat ‘Tis Halloween, and that means all sorts of creatures are coming out for treats tonight. Well yesterday, you missed some great treats that didn’t require costumes and were calorie free! If you missed the "Tech and Treat Webinar" check out Kristen’s blog for all the great websites. If you want to add

Assignment Builder

It’s there… we all see it… we all wonder how to use it…. Well, I have heard some very interesting and creative things this past week… TX Field Manager Chris Marshall shared that one of his educators uses it as Differentiated Instruction.  On the board is a sheet with tiny strips of Assignment Builder urls

Open Office

Another Great Post about Free Tech Tools for Teachers from Guest Blogger Dave Kootman… Microsoft continues its domination of the office and the school with its flagship productivity suite, Microsoft Office.  We’ve all used it; odds are it’s installed on your computer right now.  It certainly gets the job done, but for $150-500, it can