Archives for October 5, 2006

  1. EdTechConnect Rocks with Carol Anne Maguire

    On Wednesday October 18th, EdTechConnect will bring you a presentation that has rocked educators around the world.  Carol Anne Maguire, a STAR Discovery Educator from California, will be sharing Rock Our World, an international project involving 18 countries spanning the entire globe.  Students and teachers come together to learn about each other through podcasting, movie […]

  2. DEN Podcast & Congratulations!

    For those of you who missed the blog post, DEN is now hosting a DEN Podcast. It can be found on iTunes and on the National Blog. Brad Fountain is hosting this great endevor. Aren’t you thankful I don’t podcast? I know I love to talk, but I really don’t like the sound of my […]

  3. We made the website, but you made it Excellent!

    Technology & Learning magazine recently announced their 2006 Awards of Excellence winners, and guess who made the list?!  What I find most interesting about the list is that the vast majority of the winners are pieces of software or products.  I don’t think our website quite qualifies as a product, do you?  We welcome […]

  4. Level out your podcasts

    Brian Bartel Dale Basler shares a great podcasting tip on his blog. I just found out about a new tool called The Levelator from GigaVox Media. This free tool levels out the audio automatically. The quiet gets louder, the loud gets quieter—all in mere seconds with The Levelator. If you vist the post, he has […]

  5. Think Dallas, STAR DEN!

    LOOKING FOR A FOR A FEW GOOD DEN to throw your hat in the ring & head to Dallas, Texas! So that we can share T+L with all DEN members, we are looking for three STAR Discovery Educators who would like to attend and share their learning through blogs and podcasts.  Here’s the deal.  If […]

  6. DEN Dinner at T+L

    One of the highlights of attending a major technology conference is meeting other Discovery Educators at one of the many special events or dinners. If you are a Discovery Educator planning to attend the T+L Conference in Dallas or are close enough to travel to Dallas for the evening, please plan to join us at […]

  7. T+L2

    Going to T+L2? Join the Discovery Educator Network to rustle up some grub at Eddie Deen’s Ranch on Wednesday, November 8, 2006.  This event is open to all Discovery Educators attending the conference or willing to make the trip to Eddie Deen’s.  Food, fun and networking will be the focus of the night.  Hope to […]

  8. The DEN Going to T+L!

    This is exciting! One of the best benefits of being a STAR Discovery Educator is your chance to win scholarships to conferences, which encourages you to learn something new and to network with others. Well, DEN is wanting to share T+L with all of the DEN and to help, they are looking for three STAR […]