Archives for October 12, 2006

  1. What’s in Your “Bag of Tricks?”

    Check out this great contest to encourage spreading the GOOD NEWS!  This is for any STAR DEN member or aspiring STAR.  The best part is that it’s not competitive!  Have you shared your unitedstreaming knowledge and expertise? Did you learn something cool at a workshop and want to train others? Then you could win. If […]

  2. Step Right Up and Win a Prize!

         What’s in your “bag” of tricks?Have you shared your unitedstreaming knowledge and expertise?Did you learn something cool at a workshop and want to train others? If you are already a STAR Discovery Educator or aspiring to become a STAR Discovery Educator, we have a special opportunity just for you! Beginning October 1, 2006 […]

  3. Discovering History!!

    Let’s get together with fellow DEN members and collect media to use in our classrooms.  The Delaware & Pennsylvania Discovery Educator Network will be hosting a field trip to the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center on Saturday, November 11th from 9:30-2:30.  During this excursion, DEN members will be given a guided tour through […]

  4. Building Music and Writing with Light

         We often shortcut music and photography by exercising our fair use rights to borrow other’s work, but tools are readily available to allow students to create their own. The artistic payback is definitely worth the investment of time.     M-Audio led a workshop on GarageBand and supplied music keyboards for all the stations […]

  5. Do you Google?

    Most of you have heard me say that unitedstreaming is my favorite tool for teaching with. Recently I was asked what was my second favorite tool. Wow. Second favorite? I always enjoyed all the goodies from myt4l and Scholastic, but I have to say, Google is coming up in major ways for educational use. I’ve […]