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Exciting your Educators!

Exciting your Educators!

When you found out that your school had access to unitedstreaming, you proclaimed the news from the rooftops!  After the campus police encouraged you to come down, you held the initial training, registered your teachers, and familiarized them with the site.  You dutifully passed out your school kit material and hung up your posters.  Teachers

Digital Storytelling vs. Making Movies

     I’ve always qualified my presentations on digital storytelling with the disclaimer “Makin’ Movies” because there are some differences in approach between “classical” digital storytelling and the videos that I promoted in my school district. Here is a brief comparison between the Center for Digital Storytelling’s seven elements.     1. Point of View is

Cosmeo thoughts?

I was just reading this review, where Robin Raskin refers to Cosmeo as "the You Tube of Homework Help".  I hadn’t thought of it that way before and think it’s a really interesting way of looking at the product. It made me realize that our members probably have their own views of Cosmeo — for

North Texas DEN Upcoming Events

T+L Conference in Dallas Remember the T+L Conference?  It is here in Dallas in November (7-10).  We are hosting an awesome Pre-Conference Day on Tuesday, Nov. 7, and a Social at Eddie Dean’s Ranch on Wednesday evening, Nov. 8.  If you would like to attend one or both of these events, please respond to this

More Cool Opportunities

Discovery Educator Network Podcast Show #2 Discovery Education would like to thank everyone who made the first Discovery Education Network Podcast a big success.  We received a lot of VERY positive feedback from the first show on Character Education and know that as word spreads even more people will be downloading this new resource.  We

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

This is THRILLING news, and you get to hear it first here! Kay Teehan, a North Florida DEN Super STAR from Polk County, has published a book on Digital Storytelling! This summer during our regional event she mentioned that she was working on one. Then David Warlick gave some advice on how to get books