Daily Archives: October 24, 2006

She’s Back… and With An Idea!

As promised, here is a unit that I created for our second grade classrooms a few years ago.  Hopefully you can take this idea and run with it… Giraffes—ok, so I am personally a big fan of this unique animal.  At the time, I was teaching in Houston and I came across a program to

Give YOUR input! Connect with Kim Smith and Shelley Santora Jones on November 1, 2006!

Want to help shape the future of unitedstreaming?  Here is your opportunity.  Join Kim Smith, Vice President of Product Development for Discovery Education, and Shelley Santora Jones, Director of Product Development, to provide your feedback on unitedstreaming.  These are the folks at Discovery Education responsible for future upgrades, new tools and additional content within unitedstreaming

Going Around the Grapevine

As I travel the beautiful state of Florida, I am so excited to meet DEN members and their teachers who are constantly learning and sharing new ways to integrate unitedstreaming in their classrooms. The last two weeks were coast to coast trainings that I would love to share with you. I’ve started to put a