There's Even Good News About FCAT in the Grapevine!

Grapevine7_1My favorite part about unitedstreaming is creativity.   As a 30-year veteran teacher, I have seen the pendulum swing in education from trend to trend and the present trend is data driven.  Our teachers’ creativity is being compromised by standardized testing and curriculum mapping.  The GOOD NEWS is that unitedstreaming offers teachers the ability to Fcat teach creatively with the standards. 

Scienceprek2 I left this gift from Deanna Howell from Lime Street Elemenentary in Polk County for the end of the GOOD NEWS GRAPEVINE contest. She has made six incredible documents that correlate the new Florida Harcourt Science series to the Sunshine State Standards with a section for you to add your favorite Science35 unitedstreaming videos.

Sss_2 Deanna wrote: "Thanks for putting it in the contest and on the blog.  unitedstreaming is an educators’ window to the world!" 

I would like to encourage all of you to check out this great documents that she is sharing with you.  Feel free to make them work for you!  This is what the DEN is all about!  Deanna Howell really gets it!

Download kind.Un.St. Sci. Videos.doc
Download 1st_gr.Un.St. Sci. Videos.doc
Download 2nd_gr.Un.St. Sci. Videos.doc
Download 3rd_gr.Un.St. Sci. Videos.doc
Download 4th_gr.Un.St. Sci. Videos.doc
Download 5th_gr.Un.St. Sci. Videos.doc

Thanks so much Deanna.

How do you think you could use these documents in your classroom? Have you been searching unitedstreaming by the Sunshine State Standards?

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  1. Michele Futch

    Thanks Deanna! You are awesome!

  2. Danielle Abernethy

    What a Super Star Deanna! Thanks for being part of the DEN. Have you loaded the science lists up to the educator resources?

  3. Tracie Belt

    Thank you for sharing. I am trying to convince my friends in public school that united streaming is so easy to use that it makes teaching for the FCAT easier. If it is ok I am going to quote you and show how you are using it.

  4. Debbie Bohanan

    These are great resources for anyone who teaches science. I can’t wait to let my fellow DEN members in on your secrets. They will definitely need to check out this blog.

  5. Debbie Bohanan

    Are you a science block teacher?

  6. Debbie Bohanan

    We have a science block teacher and I know she will find this very useful.

  7. Kathy Bunch

    Way to go Polk County girl!!

  8. Michele Futch

    The United Streaming videos and tips are great, too!

  9. Michele Futch

    P.S. We need all the good news we can get about the FCAT………….

  10. Karen

    I am new to the DEN and this is my first time really reading the blog. How lucky could we be. This is an awesome resource. As I am in the process of searching for videos for our 4th grade research project

  11. Debbie Bohanan

    Welcome Karen, where are you from?

  12. Michele Futch

    I have enjoyed the contest and participating in the blogs. I have learned so much from everyone. Thanks a bunch!

    Michele from N. Fla.

  13. Nathan Guteras

    Another great resource for Florida Educators. Thanks again.
    I use Cosmeo as an alternative to FCAT Explorer for Kindergarten to Second grade families. Nate Guteras,Lake Shipp Elementary, N FL

  14. Cheryl Woolwine

    WOW Thanks – I will be sharing these with our Elem science teachers. I know they will find these very useful.
    Cheryl from North Florida

  15. Connie Bergstrom

    Way to go Deanna – what a great idea!!! I know these documents will be very useful for teachers.

  16. Stephen Howe

    Thanks for sharing this!! What an awesome tool!

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