Archives for November 6, 2006

  1. T+L MovieFest Vol. 1

         Let’s take a look at the two K-5 honorees from the NSBA’s T+L 20th anniversary Moviefest (click this link to see the movies). I’m going to skip over the story elements and go right to the filming techniques as they might be the more unfamiliar part of the stories, but very easy to […]

  2. Provide Ongoing Feedback for unitedstreaming

    To those of you that attended the webinar hosted by our Product Development team, I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to provide feedback and guidance related to unitedstreaming.  Kim Smith, our Vice President of Product Development, was so excited by all of the great ideas and advice, she has asked us to identify approximately 20 […]

  3. Making Change for Katrina

    To those of you who have been diligently collecting funds for Making Change for Katrina, as you know, the deadline for fundraising was November 1.  If you have receipts to send me to be included in our classroom Pizza Party contest, please make sure they are postmarked to arrive no later than Friday, November 10, […]

  4. EdTechConnect presents David Warlick

    Discovery Education is pleased to feature renown presenter and author David Warlick on Wednesday Nov. 15 at 5:00PM EST. Who: David Warlick, a 30 year educator, has been a classroom teacher, district administrator, and staff consultant with the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction. For the past ten years, Mr. Warlick has operated The […]

  5. FETC is just around the corner!

    FETC (Florida Educational Technology Conference) is my favorite conference.  It is known as one of the best in the nation and is in our own state!  Last year, Danielle and I were just beginining as DEN Field Managers and had the privilege of hosting the first DEN preconference event for FETC ever.  It was informative […]

  6. FETC is for the STARS!

    FETC’s pre-conference last year was a grand slam, and since then Karen and I have been bouncing ideas off each other for this year’s pre-conference. (Okay, I did a lot of bouncing and Karen listened. She’s a fantastic listener and she’s great at pinning me down. Hard job.)Then it came to us. We’re looking to […]