Daily Archives: November 7, 2006

T+L Conference

T+L Conference

WOW!!  What a fantastic day!  We started the day with an inspiring performance by Deneen Frazier Bowen.  She illustrated the need to meet students where they are and best teach them by using things they are interested in by portraying various personalities.  AFter her performance we were broken into four groups for training.  First I

T+L MovieFest Vol. 2

     Today we’re looking at the movie trailers from the grade 6-8 finalists in NSBA’s T+L 20th anniversary Moviefest (click this link to see the movies). First up is the winner from Maitland, Florida’s Hebrew Day School SMS. Their movie trailer “2026” lets the visuals do the most of the talking. Once again, black


YES! I did it! I made it yesterday all the way to Polk to do training and I didn’t get lost! My Garmin was at home, and so I had to drive without "G" telling me to turn left or to recalcuate my way if I missed my turn. (Which I did not! I even

Show Me the Grants!

I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite grant sites.  These sites were helpful to me when I was looking for grants to apply for and most importantly, when I needed tips to create a compelling proposal.  There ARE resources out there… you just have to go after them– good luck!

Connect your students with living history for Veteran’s Day

With Veteran’s Day coming up on Saturday, we want to share an opportunity with you to connect your classroom with some real veterans that served our country in World War Two.  There is a widely held belief that members of the greatest generation, particularly WWII veterans, do not talk about their personal experiences. After talking