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Sweet News from the DEN

Sweet News from the DEN

On Friday, November 3rd eleven PA & DE STAR Discovery Educators gathered in the “sweetest place on earth” Hershey, Pennsylvania to provide leadership and plans which will shape the future of our DEN.  Our PA & DE Advisory Board members are Peggy Barger, Bridget Belardi, Jennifer Dorman, Vicki Green, Jim Hopton, Kristin Hokanson, Katie Leach,

Visual literacy! Jan Wee says "I see! I see!"

Are you a visual learner?  Do you love visual learning tools and related instructional strategies ? Chances are you do if you are a member of the Discovery Educator Network!  Research has proven that the majority learn most effectively through visual learning, digital media, and the power of visual thinking tools like Inspiration and Kidspiration.