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eInstruction's STAR Opportunity

eInstruction's STAR Opportunity

As an added benefit of being a STAR Discovery Educator, we are pleased to offer you a special discount opportunity in partnership with eInstruction!  Through this partnership, you can purchase the CPS IR 32-pad system from eInstruction at an incredible price of $995 (plus shipping).  This is a discount of over 50% from eInstruction’s base

EduBlogger Awards Alert!

Please read the National Blog for information on the EduBlogger Awards! Nominations are now open! A few more suggestions: *Lee Kolbert’s http://www.macmomma.blogspot.com/ For WIKI: Tom Turner’s: http://tnturner.wikispaces.com/FAME_Materials

Edublog Awards 2006 nominations!!

Yikes, I must be really out of it because I didn’t even realize that nominations were open for the 2006 Edublog Awards and they close tomorrow!  So don’t waste any time, get your submissions in today! You can email in *2* nominations for each category, and YES, you can nominate the same blog for more

STAR DE featured in USA Today

Do you know who Eric Langhorst is?  If you attended the Midwest Regional Conference this summer you certainly do.  If you listen to the Speaking of History podcast you do.  Or if you read the USA today, you probably do now! Eric is a STAR Discovery Educator in Missouri who was recently featured in the

Get the Global Perspective

Did you know that 1 out of every 20 visitors to the DEN website is from outside the United States?  While the majority of our STAR Discovery Educators are local to the US, we also have a growing international number of STAR’s!  What sort of blog network would we be if we only focused on

Oh a Blogging we will go….

If my son turns out to be truly ADHD, I’m sure we can trace it right back to me. I have a very hard time staying on task and not jumping from project to project. I’ll start something, get distracted very easily and start something else – forgetting to finish the first project. So today

Blocked but still Moving Forward

Yesterday I had the joy of spending the afternoon with a bunch of pirates at Matanzas High School in Flagler County. What a joyful group as we searched the seas of unitedstreaming for treasures to use in our classroom! Thank you to STAR Educators Chris Brink and Ada Harvey (who’s son works at Discovery!) and