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COSMEO and Manuals

COSMEO and Manuals

I cannot wait to get the report from Marilyn and Eileen in Leon County from their Learning Adds Up event tonight because I’m sure their event was just AWESOME! I attended one closer to home, and while Brook’s getting the blog ready for Stephen, I have to share with you some favorites from tonight’s session

Is there a place for unitedstreaming in a Montessori classroom? You Bet!

As Montessorians we know that it is our job to prepare an environment that will allow for self-directed learning.  A large part of preparing this type of environment involves countless hours of on-line research spent coming up with innovative, creative and engaging activities that foster a love of life-long learning in each child.  Try using

Dash for the Cache!

Dozens of DEN members were in search of a stash!  It was the First Annual West Coast DEN Dash for the Cache — as in geocache — and they learned and laughed and had quite a bash! Okay, enough with the rhyming!  Simply put, geocaching is so much fun!  In case you have never heard