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Ed Tech Connect

Ed Tech Connect

At FETC last year, Karen and I were wowed when Steve asked us to hold a dinner in honor of the National Blog winners. Not only did we have such great bloggers as Frank LeBlanca and Wesley Fryer, but we also had Will Richardson at the table. Some of the DEN members took that time

EdTechConnect: "A Web of Connections"

If you read education blogs, you are most likely familiar with the work of Will Richardson–one of the world’s foremost experts on education blogging. Discovery Education is proud to announce that he will be the focus of the next EdTechConnect webinar series that will take place on Wednesday,  December 13, at 5:00PM EST. Who: Will

Where there's a Will there's a Way! Will Richardson, That Is!

Discovery Education is pleased to feature the world’s foremost expert on educational blogging, Will Richardson on Wednesday Dec. 13 at 5:00PM EST on the next EdTech Connect Webinar! Those who attended the Midwest DEN Regional this past summer in Chicago were treated to an inspiring Will Richardson session on educational blogging, wikis and a myriad