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  1. Special Request:)

    Hi DEN:) Random request — I’m wondering if anyone has an old plan book they might be able to lend me (I promise I’ll send it back!) to use as a sample in a class I’m teaching.   I want to show some non-educators who are considering making a career change what it really means to […]

  2. Guest Blogger – Kay Teehan

    I asked STAR DEN member and author Kay Teehan to shed some light with everyone else her experience from last week’s FETC Conference 2007. Here’s what she had to say: The Florida Educational Technology Conference was, as usual, information overload for all who attended. Here are some of the highlights that I came away from […]

  3. Journeying through

    Recently on Teach42, I took a little survey to find out what people’s favorite Web 2.0 websites were.  I was more than a little surprised by the clear winner, For those of you that aren’t familiar with, it’s essentially a place to save your bookmarks.  However, what makes it a little different is […]

  4. The Implementation blog

    Want to maximize your unitedstreaming experience?  Check out the Discovery Education Implementation blog.  On this blog, the Implementation team highlights successes, illustrates creative ways to roll-out, train and use unitedstreaming, gives technical pointers, and keeps you up to date on any recent changes.  Recent posts include: Crazy Google error got you down?, Overview of unitedstreaming’s […]

  5. New on unitedstreaming!

    We’ve listened to your input and have just added some new and exciting content to unitedstreaming.  Over 250 new Writing PromptsNew writing prompts based on the national English/Language Arts standards for writing by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Writing Prompts feature:- Difficulty levels to cover students beginning the writing process to those […]

  6. A Four Star Review

         I’m sure that most of us got into education for the sheer joy of teaching and working with children. We watched our own teachers and were inspired. But nobody warned us about grading and paper work and that was probably one of the great surprises of student teaching. Evaluating really creative work like […]

  7. Welcome back Florida!

    As the DEN continues to grow and evolve, the DEN blog network is doing the same.  We’ve had a number of DEN members contact us and let us know that they wanted to step up and take over their regional blog so that it continues to be a way for local DEN’s to maintain contact […]

  8. Special Offers for STAR DEs

    There are only two days left for STAR DEs to place their orders for these two special offers from InFocus and eInstruction.  InFocus Details:  STAR Discovery Educators can purchase an InFocus IN24 projector for just $480 (after $100 mail-in rebate) with free shipping.  Or, instead of the $100 rebate, you can choose to get a […]

  9. Crazy Google error got you down?

    Has this happend to you? You recently get a new computer and can’t wait to try your new fancy machine out on unitedstreaming.  All is well until you go to the site and discover that whenever you try to play a video from unitedstreaming you get a Dell/Google Search Page Error?!? It says something like, […]

  10. FETC and iPods

    How many of you are ready to unleash the true power of the iPod? I have been an observer and after seeing Hall’s presentation today, I need an iPod! Did you know that you can download any quicktime movie and place it on your iPod?  Probably.  But did you also know that you can take […]

  11. FETC Pre-conference

    Wow!  What an exciting week!  The pre-conference started Wednesday morning at Universal Studios.  When I arrived in the parking lot, Scott Kinney and Hall Davidson were in the car next to us.  Danielle got out and gave the lady in the car a big hug and they took a photo.  She came over and I […]

  12. DEN Pre-conference Event at FETC

    This week I traveled to Orlando for the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) where the DEN held a pre-conference event at Universal Studios on Wednesday.  It was great to meet up with so many incredible Florida Discovery Educators at the event ready to learn, share and network.  I have included a few interviews and hope […]

  13. Overview of unitedstreaming’s Admin Site

    Last week we posted a blog that listed the various types of reports that you can run within our administrative site, (Click here to see this posting) Today we’d like to focus on the rest of the Admin site. Let’s learn the lingo.  To understand Admin it helps to understand some of the language […]

  14. Buzz Word: Differentiation

    We all know by now that this is more than a buzz word.  Differentiating your instruction has become a vital part of teaching.  Your students will learn and retain information in different ways, therefore it’s important that we address the many needs of all of our students. Unitedstreaming offers several ways to do this: Learning […]

  15. FETC 2007!

    FETC, the giant Florida Educational Technology Conference, is happening in Orlando.  Chromakey will have to wait.  Already, the DEN had a pre-conference event.  Notable among the attendees were Kathy Schrock and Tom Turner, seen here toting a very flat screen.  Not a plasma–a film screen (remember them?).  Also, Danielle Abernathy and Karen Sedden, former field […]

  16. Making unitedstreaming Yours

    As you may have discovered by now, Discovery Education unitedstreaming is designed to bring you content fast and make learning on-demand. But did you know that you can customize your unitedstreaming as well? That’s right, by clicking on the Preferences link at the top of your toolbar you open the door to making unitedstreaming yours. […]

  17. Media Marches: LA to NY

    In Los Angeles in a series of meetings over the last two weeks, more than 500 administrators and support staff from Los Angeles Unified "mini-District" 4 watched student content created with media tools.  I blogged a longer post at the main blog but I thought the media-savvy would enjoy seeing one of my favorite videos […]

  18. I think therefore I am

    If Descartes were alive today, and teaching in our school system, he might have been impressed with ThinkLink Assessment, a new tool from Discovery Education. ThinkLink Learning is a revolutionary formative assessment product that helps teachers improve student learning and predicts how students will perform on high-stake tests.  Its model for measuring student progress toward […]

  19. DEN Work at Los Angeles Unified

    What are these 240 administrators from the second largest district in the country gathered to watch?  Media made by teachers and students!  These assistant principals from District 4, an internal district in Los Angeles Unified, gave a warm response to the presentation "Media to Make Minds Work".   They watched movies made from stills, "mash-ups" from […]

  20. Nasa Mars Airplane Webinar

    Thanks to everyone who participated in Tuesday’s webinar with our special guest Joel Levine from NASA.  As a lifelong space geek, I was enthralled by the discussion – it’s unbelievable to me that we now have the capability – and a plan! – to send an airplane to Mars, and I loved learning more about […]