Daily Archives: January 4, 2007

Pim Pam Pum

Pim Pam Pum

Since tomorrow is Friday, here’s a fun site to waste some time playing with.  Aaron Smith (aka The Art Guy) shared a really fun sight with all sorts of hacks and extensions for flickr.  It’s called Pim Pam Pum and even the splash page is good for wasting about 10 or 15 minutes of your

Before Leaving the Elves Entirely

Before we leave the elves entirely, a couple of good things came up.  An email from Linda Foote came in where she talked about using the elf animation creator at http://www.elfyourself.com/ for a good instructional purpose.  This does remind us that these free things that come our way like the elf, the monkeys (remember them

Burn Baby Burn!

Over the past year a fair number of teachers have asked me if it was possible to take the videos that they have downloaded onto their computers and turn them into DVDs. The answer is…You Bet You Can! Now here’s the skinny: In order to take a downloaded video and put it onto a DVD

Windows Media Encoder 9

Got a question from Lance today about a DEN member who was looking for a free way to shrink down some WMV files so that they could be posted on a website.  I use iTunes to shrink down Quicktime files all the time, but that doesn’t work for WMV.  For WMV and MPG files i