Archives for January 5, 2007

  1. Welcome Back North Florida Blog!!

    Let me be the first to welcome back the North Florida DEN Blog. I have some huge shoes to fill, and I can only hope I do them proud! It will take a lot of hard work and effort on my part, but I will need tons of support from you all (or ya’ll as […]

  2. Welcome Back!

    Welcome Back!  The South Florida DEN blog is up and running again and I am looking forward to all the wonderful things our DEN will be doing in 2007! My name is Debbie Bohanan, nickname DD (Debbie Discovery) by Karen Seddon.  I will be continuing our blog and helping everyone to stay connected.  Guest bloggers […]

  3. Meet Experts from NASA’s Langley Research Center

    Join some of the world’s leading scientists and engineers from NASA’s Langley Research Center for a one-hour webinar comparing and contrasting Earth and Mars.  If you like this program and are interested in sharing it with your students, NASA has agreed to provide future webinars to students of Discovery Educators.  So please check this program […]