Archives for January 10, 2007

  1. Introducing Mr. Aiden Lefty Dembo

    The Stork has finally arrived — it’s a boy!! Steve called this morning to let us know the littlest member of the DEN arrived late last night.   Aiden Lefty Dembo (Lefty – what a great middle name, in honor of Steve’s grandfather, whose nickname was Lefty) weighed in at a healthy 7.0 lbs, 19 inches, […]

  2. MegaVCR Part I

    The iPod is a great tool for classrooms.  I can’t be without one, even at the bottom of the pool.  This is me watching the unitedstreaming video "Mayan Revolution" from the Conquistador program.  There is, in fact, an underwater housing for the video iPod, and I do, in fact, have breathing apparatus that means uninterrupted […]