Archives for January 29, 2007

  1. A Four Star Review

         I’m sure that most of us got into education for the sheer joy of teaching and working with children. We watched our own teachers and were inspired. But nobody warned us about grading and paper work and that was probably one of the great surprises of student teaching. Evaluating really creative work like […]

  2. Welcome back Florida!

    As the DEN continues to grow and evolve, the DEN blog network is doing the same.  We’ve had a number of DEN members contact us and let us know that they wanted to step up and take over their regional blog so that it continues to be a way for local DEN’s to maintain contact […]

  3. Special Offers for STAR DEs

    There are only two days left for STAR DEs to place their orders for these two special offers from InFocus and eInstruction.  InFocus Details:  STAR Discovery Educators can purchase an InFocus IN24 projector for just $480 (after $100 mail-in rebate) with free shipping.  Or, instead of the $100 rebate, you can choose to get a […]

  4. Crazy Google error got you down?

    Has this happend to you? You recently get a new computer and can’t wait to try your new fancy machine out on unitedstreaming.  All is well until you go to the site and discover that whenever you try to play a video from unitedstreaming you get a Dell/Google Search Page Error?!? It says something like, […]