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  1. Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for STAR DEs

    Witness the world’s most elusive creatures and unforgettable places for the first time.  Filmed in over 200 locations, some for the last time.  Planet Earth is a high definition television event five years in the making.  As a STAR Discovery Educator, you have a chance to be one of the first people in the world […]

  2. Done much social networking lately?

    I was just talking with a few DEN members over dinner last night at METC about how students are spending so much time on social networking websites and how few educators there are who use them. So my question to you today is, what social networking websites are you on?  Do you actually use them?  […]

  3. A More Reliable Wikipedia?

    It appears that Wikipedia, the often maligned and misunderstood experiment in democratic collaborative intelligence, is undergoing some serious metacognitive reflection.  Two essays have appeared on Wikipedia that attempt to assess the efficacy of this experiment: Wikipedia is failing Wikipedia in not failing The articles are a fascinating self-assessment.  As intriguing as the essays are the […]

  4. subTechst

         "…life in the Tecosystem." That’s what Jason Ohler calls his blog which I forgot to include in last Friday’s post about his resources. I would actually subtitle it the “Blog of Revelation” because all of his posts so far are about digital storytelling revelations he has had over the years as technology and […]

  5. Online Video Editing

    TechCrunch has a great comparison of the various online video editors that are available right now.  I’ve used most of them and so far my favorite is clearly JumpCut, but different tools for different purposes.  I may wind up doing some individual reviews of a few of newer sites, but if you’re looking for a […]

  6. Ed Tech Funding

    I thought I’d pass this along to the PA DEN in case any of you wanted to get involved.  I subscribe to the EdTech Action Network (powered by the Consortium for School Networking and the International Society for Technology in Education).  I recently received the following urgent action call: Keep America Competitive Stop Congress From […]

  7. Meetup at MACUL

      This blog post is brought to you by the letter "M" If you’re one of the many members of the magnificent Michigan DEN that will be meandering over to MACUL March 14-16, then maybe you should meetup and mingle with us! *phew*  Too much Sesame Street! MACUL is just a few weeks away and […]

  8. Special Opp for TX DEN

    The Discovery Educator Network is proud to host the Discovery Education American Film Institute (AFI) Training in Dallas, Texas on March 23rd and 24th.  Seating is limited to 30 spots and they are filling very quickly. What is the Discovery Education Film Institute Training? A 2 day intensive leadership workshop with a focus on the […]

  9. Wikinomics and the Future School

    As co-chair of my district’s committee on Best Practices and Emerging Technologies, I have been doing considerable thinking about the ways that the "positive deviants" within our existing system can make the changes necessary for our students to emerge as life-long learners, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and responsible citizens of our 21st century (okay, […]

  10. DEN Discount at the Discovery School Teacher’s Store

    All Discovery Educators can now receive a 20% discount on items from the Discovery School Teacher’s Store.  Check out the award-winning educational materials and if you see something you like, take advantage of the special discount.  The store has… Videos (DVD & VHS) CD-ROMS Student Resource Books Teacher’s A-Z Resource Guides Discovery Wraps Student Worksheets […]

  11. Do you Diigo?

    So, you’ve shared and commented on your bookmarks with Furl,, StumbleUpon, and other social bookmarking sites.  They are pretty fantastic ways for individuals and groups to share the resources they have found online.  Diigo (dee’ go) takes the social bookmarking to a new level.  Diigo is all about "social annotation."  With Diigo you can […]

  12. Roll Out a Leadership Council In Your State!

    Since our "official launch" of the Leadership Councils, we have already received several emails regarding other STAR Members wanting to begin leadership councils in their own states. In and effort to help you all begin to connecting with each other, I have started a discussion forum on our website.  To learn more about how to […]

  13. Making Connections

         A couple of good questions surfaced yesterday during Kay Teehan’s (soon to be archived) EdTechConnect webinar: What camera should I buy? How do I connect my camera to a computer?     I will offer a few answers below, but I hope some of you will also add your thoughts and experiences. Though this […]

  14. Share your slides with Slideshare

    So I was over on the newly republished California blog and loved the way Dave Kootman chose to introduce the California Leadership Council to us.  He created a powerpoint of all the members of the council, and used a site called Slideshare to embed it into the blog post.  By using Slideshare, people don’t need […]

  15. Formation of DEN Leadership Councils

    In the past two months, we have received many requests (and many volunteers) to get the state blogs going again.  We have developed a plan to launch the blogs in conjunction with new DEN Leadership Councils.  The leadership councils will play a critical role in supporting the state-level DEN communities through a variety of communications […]

  16. Welcome Back!

    It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had any posts on the CA DEN blog. Along with some of the other recent DEN changes, we have created a new leadership council for the state. Our job is to help keep you (the classroom teacher, tech coordinator, media specialist, DEN member at large…) informed, updated and […]

  17. Welcome Back – Again

    I’m sure I can speak for my CO-blogging coordinator Debbie Bohanan, that we welcome back the Florida blog in its new and improved state. We look forward to being able to connect with you all again! It’s hard to believe it’s been about a month since FETC came and went. In that time I know […]

  18. Ditch iTunes with Floola

    Got an iPod?  If so, then you’re probably the victim of an arranged marriage to iTunes.  Like it or not, that iPod really wants to hook up with iTunes, and unfortunately many schools don’t allow the use of iTunes on school computers.  So hypthetically, let’s say you wanted to add unitedstreaming videos to your iPod […]

  19. Welcome Back!

    Welcome back to the PA DEN blog! We are so excited to have this space as a way to reconnect the tremendously vibrant PA DEN community. A lot has transpired since the last postings on our state blog.  Discovery has renewed its commitment to connecting and supporting educators in powerful ways to enhance student learning.  […]

  20. Keynote Coffeehouse

    This is a story worth telling. With the snows last week trapping much of the DEN leadership in the east, schedules and events became bent out of shape. The Poway TechExpo was scheduled for March 15 near San Diego in California. I had committed to do the keynote to support Linda Foote and the great […]

  21. Out of the Classroom

         Those are the last few words of the title of the book Digital Storytelling in and out of the Classroom by Kay Teehan. And though she makes a great comparison between digital storytelling and her favorite hobby, scrapbooking, as the outside activity, I think she (and anyone else promoting these kinds of projects) […]