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The Story of Movies

The Story of Movies

I just received John Norton’s "Of Particular Interest" email newsletter for middle school teachers.  His review of The Story of Movies website caught my attention, so I took a brief trip over there. The Story of Movies currently offers 3 DVD curriculum choices: The Day the Earth Stood Still, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and

"Did You Know" the Sequel

Many of you have either seen or heard others mention the powerful "Did You Know" video originally produced by Karl Fisch with secondary edits created by Scott McLeod.  The embedded video below is hosted on TeacherTube as well as YouTube.  If you are unable to see it due to restrictions, you can view it as

EdTechConnet All-Star Lineup

In case you missed the posting on the DEN National blog about the upcoming EdTechConnect webinar series, check out the upcoming all-STAR lineup and how YOU could be on the roster for May. EdTechConnect, the monthly webinar series featuring the biggest names in the ed-tech community, is going weekly!  For the entire month of April,

Pennsylvania's EdTech Report Card

Thanks to Tom Turner for blogging about this.   By the way, Tom also blogs for DEN’s Florida blog. On March 29, 2007, Education Week came out with its Technology Counts 2007 annual report, the tenth report in the series.  As a supplement, EdWeek has published detailed state reports. These State Technology Reports are a supplement

STAR Access to Discovery Education ThinkLink Assessment

We are excited to bring another member of the Discovery Education family of products to our DEN community.  All STAR Discovery Educators can have access to Discovery Education ThinkLink Assessment (DETA) for the entire 2007-2008 school year.  DETA, born at Vanderbilt University, helps teachers meet the needs of all learners through predictive formative assessments that

Contacting the TN Den Leadership Council

The Tennessee DEN Leadership Council is looking for input from our members!  We would like to hear from you regarding blog topics, event suggestions, training schedules, technology integration, and more! Here are three ways you can get to us: First, you can email the Leadership Council at  This email is checked regularly by our


Hello all, my name is Donna, and I am excited about being an author for our new assessment blog here at Discovery Education. I have more that 20 years experience in education as a classroom teacher, state projects, and superintendent. As a former high school teacher, the “aha moment” when the light came on in

List of Projects in IL

I would love to post a list of outstanding projects done by IL teachers in conjunction with United Streaming and/or general technology.  I know you can find some of these by using Google, word of mouth, and perhaps Regional Offices of Education, etc.  It would be great to have a growing list of projects with