Daily Archives: March 23, 2007

Blogging Team

Heather and I will be working with the DEN Blogs for Virginia. We will always be looking for new ideas and suggestions for guest bloggers. I am very excited about the communication that these blogs will make possible for those of us in Virginia!Kevin

Blogger’s Block! (Dedicated to Steve Hodgin)

Posting on Monday was no problem.  Tuesday had me scratching my head.  On Wednesday and Thursday time sensitive projects took first priority.  And here we are on Friday and I’m scratching my head again…what to post…what to post… I think I’ve hit a wall.  Can Bloggers suffer from Blogger’s Block?  If so I think I

Digital Citizenship

On my way to work this morning, I was somewhat distracted (yes, I’ll admit it) thinking about what I would be presenting for a gathering of all the secondary social studies teachers in my district.  With three high schools and five middle schools, that group is fairly intimidating. I had framed my presentation as engaging

The Wisconsin DEN is back!

After a little delay and a bit of organization, the WI DEN has a new leadership council dedicated to bringing you a sense of community and support that we all experienced under Jan Wee. Meet Your Wisconsin DEN Leadership Council: Pat Uselding, Co-Chair Rachel Yurk, Co-Chair Brian Bartel, Blog Co-Chair Pat Hawkenson, Blog Co-Chair Rita

Texas DEN Blog

Hello, Texas DEN members!  We’re back!!! It is wonderful to report that the Texas DEN is as active as ever!  Today, we, along with several other states, are reactivating our state blog.  I’d like to encourage all of you to let me know when you have ideas or information you’d like to see posted on