Archives for March 24, 2007

  1. Mining Web Media from TV: Planet Earth

    There is a dialog going on at the bottom of the previous post about virtual librarians.  Don’t let it get pushed back. Terrific Media Online!  There are great video treasures often posted without fanfare by "old media" companies. No better example is out there than what is posted for the Discovery Channel’s digital blockbuster Planet […]

  2. Quiet on the Set

    Lights, Camera, Action… I mean Education!   35 of DEN members from every region in CA (a huge hooray to those who flew down from way up north to join us!) and even a special out of state guest, pulled in to the American Film Institute’s Los Angeles campus on March 16th for a 2 day […]

  3. TN DEN Leadership Council Up and Running

    This is the first official blog of the Tennessee DEN!  Welcome to our virtual world.  We want this to be a place for sharing ideas and insights, especially as it relates to the integration of technology into our classrooms or everyday lives. The TN DEN Leadership Council is chaired by Teryl Magee (is there anyone […]

  4. AFI in Dallas

    For the past two days members of the TX DEN got together at SMU for the AFI Lights, Camera, Education! workshop.  We had a great setting on a beautiful campus all while the AFI Dallas International Film Festival was happening.  Just down the hall from our workshop, Sydney Pollack was leading a seminar. You can […]

  5. Discover Planet Earth Tomorrow!

    For anyone who has flown lately, you can empathize with the long waits at most airports.  Atlanta, GA, was particularly crowded a few weeks ago. Yet, I hardly noticed the crowds, lines, etc.  Before I left for my long weekend in Atlanta, I downloaded Discovery Atlas China, Australia, Brazil, and Italy.  I had seen some […]

  6. We're Up and Running…..

    Welcome NY educators!  The blog has officially launched (YIPPEE!!!) I’ll be posting the more ‘official’ welcome on Sunday and at that time introducing you to the New York Leadership Council team.  Many of you might wonder ‘If the official launch is Friday, why in the world would Nancy wait until Sunday?’  Good question!  I’m currently […]