Archives for March 26, 2007

  1. Meet Your New York Leadership Council

    WELCOME!!!  I understand that we (this blog) is going *L*I*V*E* on Wednesday!  That’s soooo exciting.  I’d like to take this post to introduce you to your New York Leadership Council: (drumroll please!) Starring:  Loren Nowak – Chair and co-starring: Dahlia McGregor (as the co-Chair for the downstate/NYC area) (applause, applause) and featuring: Jeanine Rousseau as […]

  2. Planet Earth

    What an amazing day!  Today, the fourth graders in Paula Rovnak’s class joined me in a live chat and webinar with Penny Allen, the producer of Planet Earth. Last week we previewed the site and various clips related to the upcoming mini-series.  The students were so excited about the program but they also had many […]

  3. Five Years in the Making

    Last night I tuned into the Discovery Channel to watch the first three of eleven episodes of Discovery Channel/BBC’s Planet Earth documentary. The series took four years to shoot and another year to edit.  All of that time and effort produced a masterpiece of sight and sound – especially for those with high definition sets. […]

  4. Planet Earth meet Google Earth

    I hadn’t really planned on writing about Planet Earth, the series that premiered last night on Discovery and Discovery HD Theater.  This may be blasphemous, but I’m not much of a nature show kind of guy.  I don’t watch much on Animal Planet at all, I’m more of a Dirty Jobs/Mythbusters/Future Weapons kinda person.  Since […]

  5. A Spring Morning in Maine!         Welcome to the new Maine DEN blog. Let us introduce ourselves in the blog.’Meet the Maine DEN Leadership Council.’ It’s been a busy year for us recruiting new members, having a Discovery day, and meeting the challenges of Discovery Education’s restructuring. We feel very strong about the […]

  6. Aflutter Over Twitter

    If you haven’t checked in with Steve Dembo’s Teach42 or Digital Passports blog in the past week, then Twitter might be new to you. Twitter is suddenly all over the news . . . Mini-blog is the Talk of Silicon Valley – Financial Times (March 26, 2007) Jonathan Schwartz, chief executive of Sun Microsystems, singled […]

  7. Re-Opening the IL DEN Blog

    We are very excited to announce the re-opening of the IL Blog.  The IL council is back on board.  We would love to get feedback and post educational ideas from any and all educators. Additionally, we hope to see a lot of the IL members come back as we know that you have put in […]

  8. Planet Earth… Like I’ve Never Seen It Before

    Last night’s premiere of Discovery Channel HD’s Planet Earth made me appreciate Tivo and our HD TV in a whole new light! I know the buzz has been building for weeks now!  I have had students come up to me and tell me how excited they were to see it, I have heard that the […]

  9. Take the Stress out of Science Fairs

    Later this week, I will be presenting several sessions at NSTA in St. Louis.  One of the sessions is in partnership with Elmer’s, a company that is really dedicated to supporting teachers and young scientists throughout the world.  They provide online resources that are really helpful as you go through the entire Science Fair experience.  […]

  10. DEN Spring Training: What Are My Current Stats?

    Many STAR DEs are having a solid spring and posting some good numbers.  Looks like we’ll have lots of prospects called up for next season.  If you haven’t gotten into the swing of things yet, don’t worry.  All you have to do is report your events at STAR Discovery Educators who report at least […]