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Hello all, my name is Donna, and I am excited about being an author for our new assessment blog here at Discovery Education. I have more that 20 years experience in education as a classroom teacher, state projects, and superintendent. As a former high school teacher, the “aha moment” when the light came on in

List of Projects in IL

I would love to post a list of outstanding projects done by IL teachers in conjunction with United Streaming and/or general technology.  I know you can find some of these by using Google, word of mouth, and perhaps Regional Offices of Education, etc.  It would be great to have a growing list of projects with

EdTechConnect Weekly!

Love EdTechConnect?  Then you’re really going to love this!  EdTechConnect, the monthly webinar series featuring the biggest names in the ed-tech community, is going weekly!  For the entire month of April, we will have a different webinar every week.  The Discovery Educator Network team is pulling out all the stops and sharing with you some

Need Your Voice

A little over a week from now, I will be presenting to an internal group of Discovery Education employees including product development, marketing and sales representatives.  As part of the presentation, I want my colleagues to hear, first hand, our customer’s voice…your voice! So I am asking for your help.  I’m hoping you’ll take a

Do you have a Second Life?

Second Life is clearly a hot topic amongst educators right now.  I have to admit, even though I’m a gamer a heart, I’m not quite sure I ‘get it’.  I haven’t spent too much time in there yet (I’m still on newbie island), but I’m trying to figure out just where it fits into elementary

ZamZar, changing A to Z

Ever needed to convert a file and realized you don’t have the software to do it?  Visited CNET or some other "free" software download site, searching for the software that will make the exact conversion you’re needing?  Well, those days seem to be gone forever!  Now there is ZamZar, a free online file conversion site.