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  1. Digital Storytelling 2.0

         Just presented at Technology & Learning’s Chicago TechForum last Friday with David Jakes and Jon Orech, both from the Downers Grove high schools in Illinois. We had a meeting of the minds a couple of weeks before and I thought we sketched out a pretty good plan to cover the complete spectrum of […]

  2. Two Nice Moments

    This was a nice moment.  I was scheduled to give the opening address at the great MICCA conference (Maryland Instructional Computer Coordinators Association).  The Internet connection wasn’t working so three guys were fiddling, cell-phoning, etc.  One of them was John Hruska, from the Office of Instructional Technology at Anne Arundel county.  Before I spoke, they […]

  3. When I Grow Up

    I came across this TeacherTube video on Jim Gates’ Tipline blog. What I really like about this video is the student point of view. That is what sets it apart from some of the other TeacherTube/YouTube videos of a similar ilk.

  4. Tribeca Film Festival-DOUBLETIME

    Thanks to the Discovery Educator Network, I was able to join Heather Sullivan, Beverly Plein, and Marti McGrath for the premiere of the Discovery Films documentary, DOUBLETIME.  DOUBLETIME was directed by Stephanie Johnes and tells the story of two internationally competitive jump rope organizations, the Bouncing Bulldogs of Chapel Hill, NC, and the Double Dutch […]

  5. Space Week Webinar: Meet the Producer

    Join us next Friday, May 4th at 1 PM (EST) for a very special webinar with Allan Butler, producer of The Science Channel’s first ever: Space Week.  Allan is an Executive Producer at Discovery Channel and The Science Channel in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Over the past three years, he has overseen the production of over […]

  6. Space Week Webinar: Meet the Producer

    Join us next Friday, May 4th at 1 PM (EST) for a very special webinar with Allan Butler, producer of The Science Channel’s first ever: Space Week.  Allan is an Executive Producer at Discovery Channel and The Science Channel in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Over the past three years, he has overseen the production of over […]

  7. TN DEN to Meet for Sundown in the City!

    Calling all TN DEN members! We are about to launch our first official get-together in East Tennessee.  Thursday, May 3rd, we will meet in Knoxville for the weekly downtown summer concert series, "Sundown in the City." We will meet and greet outside the Preservation Pub on Market Square to the right of the Sundown stage […]

  8. Your Input is Requested

    Good Morning! Please take a moment to take a survey over at the DEN National Blog and let them know if you plan on attending NECC and if you’d be interested in attending a DEN event. Click here. ‘Stay Tuned and Stay Connected!’

  9. DESC Summer Institute

    In order to train, support and connect new customers of Science Connection we are hosting a special professional development institute this August in Valley Forge, PA.  The first ever Discovery Education Science Connection Summer Institute will allow participants to: Receive intensive professional development on Science Connection as a resource to support inquiry-based learning and differentiated […]

  10. M-I-C…See You at NECC?…

    …K-E-Y…Why?  Because we like you!  OK, I’m done with the shameless song cliche We hope you are going to be able to attend NECC 2007 in Atlanta this June- It’s sure to be filled with AMAZING opportunities for learning & getting to know your fellow DEN members better. Please visit the DEN National Home Blog […]

  11. My Dentist has a Tablet PC!

    Last night I had my regular checkup at the dentist (no cavities, thank you), and was amazed to see the technology that they have. Of course, I am talking of technology beyond the X-ray machine and standard medical equipment. I am talking about the tablet PC that the dental technician picked off its base, and […]

  12. Planet Earth – Behind the Scenes with Dr. Penny Allen

    Over 1000 students and teachers attended the Planet Earth webinar and were treated to an incredible behind the scenes glimpse at the groundbreaking series.  Dr. Allen — joining the webinar from London — shared her many incredible experiences filming the world’s most fascinating animals and habitats. If you weren’t able to attend the webinar live, […]

  13. DEN at NECC 2007

    There are plans in the works for a DEN gathering at NECC in Atlanta!  In order to make this a successful event, we need all DEN members to take a short survey.  Literally, it is only two clicks and you’re done! You can access the survey by clicking here. Thanks for your help!  It could […]

  14. Anyone Going to NECC?

    The 28th annual National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) will be held in Atlanta, GA from June 24th through June 27th. What is the purpose of NECC? Our purpose? To help shape the future of education. How? By bringing together the best Ed Tech has to offer. NECC 2007 boasts more than 700 presentations in a […]

  15. Do You Have the Audacity to Podcast?

    A huge thanks to everyone who joined me this afternoon for our EdTech Connect Webinar featuring Audacity.  The hour was filled with great tips, tricks, and integration ideas that 100 STAR DEN members shared in the chat window.  As promised, you will find the step-by-step instructions for Audacity attached as a PPT. I have also […]

  16. Going to NECC?

    Greetings Florida:   Discovery is working on plans for NECC, and would like to have you log on to the DEN National Blog and complete a short poll. This will let them know if you are planning to attend NECC, and if you would be interested in attending a DEN event at the conference. Here […]

  17. Headed to NECC?

    Are you planning on attending the National Educational Computing Conference June 24-27 in Atlanta? If so, log on to the DEN national blog and take a poll letting Discovery Education know if you’ll be attending. They would like to host an event or two, and want to know what you’d attend. Here’s the link.

  18. Pizza & Podcast

      Wednesday evening, April 25th, the Maine Leadership Council hosted a ‘Get to know us and learn to podcast’ evening. DEN members and fellow teachers joined together for a webinar, ‘Audacity to Podcast’ hosted by DEN. We started out with dinner, then digitally joined by Jannita and Steve from DEN for a podcasting workshop. We […]

  19. Double Dutch Treat

    Looking for something to do in NYC this coming week?  Then check out the showing of "Doubletine" at the TriBeCa Film Festival. These program notes were taken directly from their website: If seeing is believing, watching these kids Double Dutch elicits double-takes and disbelief. Chronicling the world of competitive jump roping, this energetic documentary follows […]

  20. Exciting Opportunities

    I want to pass along two exciting opportunities from DEN . . . 1. Are you planning to attend NECC, the granddaddy of all ed tech conferences, this June?  If so, you are definitely lucky and making me duly jealous.   So, if you are one of the lucky attendees, the DEN team would like to assess […]

  21. Could you be a STAR?

    Discovery Educator Network is looking for someone to be the main attraction at the last EdTechConnect for this school year.  Head over to the DEN National Blog for more details and to submit your proposal.  It would be great if one of our own Texas educators becomes the STAR of the show!