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Three Things to Do NOW

Three Things to Do NOW

These things have deadlines!  But you should submit, because I think somebody reading this blog will win at least one of them..:).  First of Three Things: 4 Media Contests:  There’s money, tickets, and fame to be won–so read on. Each has a slight catch, but one of the following will work for you.  #1: Time

Fauxto – If it looks like Photoshop and tastes like Photoshop….

Today I discovered what just might be the closest thing to Photoshop Online until Adobe throws its stick in the ground.  The site is called FauxTo (yes, I think it’s pronounced like ‘foto’), and is remarkably similar to Photoshop, or at least Elements.  Anyone who has used any version of Photoshop will be at home. 

DEN Presents at NSTA

Just a quick post to say congratulations to all the STAR Discovery Educators who presented at NSTA last week.  We had a lot of fun catching up over dinner and it was great to see the number of STARs who dropped by the Discovery Education booth (see Patti Grammens, STAR from GA, to the right

Web 2.0 — How do you know THAT?!?

I attended the EdTechConnect with Doug Johnson entitled "Policies 2.0: Rules of the Social Web" on March 21, where he talked about Web 2.0.  Now I, for one, had no idea what exactly Web 2.0 means, but Doug delivered a very informative talk and presentation about it.  Web 2.0 basically means the new internet, the