Archives for April 4, 2007

  1. Google Earth Webinar Handouts

    Google Earth Webinar April 4!  Handouts posted below. Unsolicited comments from the chat window.  We had a great time and I thought I would leave this blog post to the participants!: Teryl Magee :I think the kids will get a lot out of it! Steve Dembo:absolutely! Steve Dembo: Panoramio layer–That’s great that it will do […]

  2. I-lighter Working Out the Bugs

    i-lighter is an interesting little tool that I am trying to decide if I really like or not.  i-light is a free download that allows you to highlight text on any webpage, add your own notes, and then save the highlighted text and notes in a file for later review. I had a little trouble […]

  3. DESC Challenge: Earn a Planet Earth DVD

    For the past few nights I have been staying up late to watch Planet Earth via Discovery HD on demand and last night I watched the first episode, Pole to Pole, again for the fourth time.  There were so many connections to content in Science Connection that I had to share a favorite. When you […]

  4. Meet the People that Brought You Planet Earth

    USAToday says, “Planet Earth beautifully fulfills its promise: to show you the world in a way you’ve never seen it before.”  The Washington Post states, "Planet Earth sets a new standard in nature documentaries.  Heck, even Oprah has this to say, "I’ve been in television all of my life, and I have never seen anything […]

  5. DEN, Delaware and DITC

    If you happen to be near Dover, Delaware (perhaps in preparation for a NASCAR race or en route to the shore for some Grotto’s pizza) on April 18 or 19, stop by the Delaware Instructional Technology Conference.  We have a lineup of concurrent sessions on Wednesday and Thursday that include: unitedstreaming and Google Earth, 50 […]

  6. ToonDoo — Do You?

    The IT at my school posted on her blog about a site she found called ToonDoo, where you and your students can make your own cartoons.  I tried it out and here’s what I found:  1. registration is quick, painless, and free — all you have to do is type in a user name and […]