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The SC DEN is back!

The SC DEN is back!

The South Carolina DEN Leadership Council is looking for input from our members!  We would like to hear from you regarding blog topics, event suggestions, training schedules, technology integration, and more! Here are three ways you can get to us: First, you can email the Leadership Council at SC.DEN.Leaders@gmail.com.  This email is checked regularly by

Some Recent Changes

Over the next few days, you may hear of some organizational changes taking place at Discovery Communications, Inc., the parent company of the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC…and yes, Discovery Education.  Therefore, I wanted to take a few minutes and proactively address any of your concerns and how these changes may affect Discovery Education and

My Wallet

Just thought I’d give you a peek (and an incentive to get your images to me) of what’s in my ‘wallet’ that is techie in nature. I’ve got my flash drive (compliments of Discovery Education, of course!), my Exilim camera for those spur-of-the Kodak (in this case, Casio) moments, my cell phone, my Olympus digital

Planet Earth: Webinar, Party, DVD…Read More!

Did you happen to catch the two most recent episodes of Planet Earth last night?  Shallow Seas and Great Plains were both remarkable.  If you agree, it’s time to get your students and colleagues excited as well. WebinarFirst, what better way to learn about the series than to hear from the producer herself?  Join us

A Message from the Chair

I had several people already this morning email me with not getting Carole’s email. I will work with her on double checking the mailing list. In the meantime here is here message. My Dear Florida STARs: They tell me that the third time is the charm. I am going to put that little piece of

Tell us what works for you!

The Leadership Council would like to know about projects and work being done in Maine. Share with us your work and ideas that can be posted on the blog. Let us know what you have been doing to introduce the Discovery Education Network and unitedstreaming into your curriculum. Share your ideas, post a project, send

Unitedstreaming Rejunvinated my teaching!

Erin Towns, history teacher at Edward Little High school has become a Star DEN member and is very excited about the offerings she has had through unitedstreaming at her fingertips. She sums up her experiences here: "unitedstreaming has drastically altered the way I present information to my students.  With almost every topic I teach, and