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In Memory Of…

It is with a heavy heart that I write/share this post with you… To honor those killed in the tragedy at Virginia Tech, DEN has changed its color scheme for the blogs to orange and maroon. Steve D. (via Kevin Johnson) has shared the following: Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to

Orange and Maroon Effect

Nobody will ever forget the horrible events that took place in Virginia on Monday.  In support of the families of the victims as well as the students and faculty of Virginia Tech, the DEN blogs will be participating in the "Orange and Maroon Effect". Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to declare

Remembering Virginia Tech Victims

I just received this from Karla Halcomb today.  Sorry it is posted a little late, but please read… SAIC to Make Virginia Tech Contribution, Support "Orange and Maroon Effect" Day 18 Apr 2007 SAIC has a large contingent of Virginia Tech alumni as employees and many SAIC employees have sons, daughters or relatives who attend

Another Plus for Being a STAR DE

As an added benefit of being a STAR Discovery Educator, we are pleased to offer you a free account to unitedstreaming Plus for the entire 2007-2008 school year (including the remainder of the 2006-2007 school year). In order to provide access to all STARs, we had to set up a special STAR account. This means

NECC 2007 and TCEA 2008

If you haven’t already registered for NECC 2007, you need to do it soon!  NECC is June 24-27 in Atlanta.  The rates for workshops will increase April 27.  In addition, if you sign up for the ISTE Institute at NECC by May 4, each team member will receive an HP Digital Camera with accessories. The

Texas Earns a B for Technology

Education Week has released a State Technology Report which provides information regarding each state’s use of technology in education.  The report is very complete and delivers information in many different ways.  Texas scored an overall grade of B (the national average was a C+).  We did a little better than the average, but we still

Orange and Maroon Effect

Discovery Educator Network has decided to join other Virginia Tech families across the country who have united to declare this Friday, April 20th, an “ Orange and Maroon Effect” day to honor those killed in the tragic events on campus Monday, and to show support for Virginia Tech students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, and friends. 

Student Assessment

When I went through school subjected mainly to summative tests, as an educator now, I see the value of knowing where the students are academically compared to where they should be by the end of the year. Have you noticed changes in student assessment now versus when you were in elementary or high school?

Technology Counts

Education Week recently released its Technology Counts 2007 report.  Check out the IL blog where Scott posted a lot of the details including how to see what "grade" your state received when it comes to technology policy and practice (note to state bloggers: this could be an interesting post).  In my former life, I had