Daily Archives: April 29, 2007

Two Nice Moments

Two Nice Moments

This was a nice moment.  I was scheduled to give the opening address at the great MICCA conference (Maryland Instructional Computer Coordinators Association).  The Internet connection wasn’t working so three guys were fiddling, cell-phoning, etc.  One of them was John Hruska, from the Office of Instructional Technology at Anne Arundel county.  Before I spoke, they

When I Grow Up

I came across this TeacherTube video on Jim Gates’ Tipline blog. What I really like about this video is the student point of view. That is what sets it apart from some of the other TeacherTube/YouTube videos of a similar ilk.

Tribeca Film Festival-DOUBLETIME

Thanks to the Discovery Educator Network, I was able to join Heather Sullivan, Beverly Plein, and Marti McGrath for the premiere of the Discovery Films documentary, DOUBLETIME.  DOUBLETIME was directed by Stephanie Johnes and tells the story of two internationally competitive jump rope organizations, the Bouncing Bulldogs of Chapel Hill, NC, and the Double Dutch