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  1. Going to NECC?

    In preparation for this summer’s NECC in Georgia, please visit this link to the national DEN blog and let us know your thoughts.  If you’ve never been to NECC, I can tell you that it blows Palm Springs CUE away!  There are so many sessions and interesting things to learn that everyone can take away […]

  2. Give some Feedback Please!

    The National Educational Computing Conference is June 24 through June 27, 2007 in Atlanta Georgia.  Who is going to be there?  Do you want to attend a DEN event?  Give some feedback so that plans can be put together… Click Here to give your feedback!

  3. Civil War Institute in Chattanooga

    The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) will be conducting a teacher institute in Chattanooga from 8:00am Friday, 20 July through 1:00pm Sunday, 22 July 2007.  There   will be a combination of content sessions, teaching strategy sessions,  receptions, meals, and tours of the Chattanooga area battlefields.  Teachers are responsible for their own room and travel, but meals […]

  4. Anyone up for a catch?

    Nothing like a deceiving title to ‘catch’ your attention! About a year ago I actually won something in a DEN contest at one of our Polk Socials. I had the choice of the Pilot episode of "The Deadliest Catch" or something else (see, it wasn’t good since I didn’t choose it eh?). As you can […]

  5. Planet Earth Webinar

    I just have to share with the rest of the PA DEN how fantastic the Planet Earth webinar with Dr. Penny Allen was this afternoon.  I enrolled my 7th period class of 9th graders.  In preparation for the webinar, we watched the "Pole to Pole" episode in class.  We did a little virtual touring with […]

  6. Planet Earth Webinar

    Just got back to my desk from attending the webinar with Dr. Penny Allen, one of the producers of Planet Earth.  What a fantastic way to spend an hour with your students!  We learned so much by being able to listen to Dr. Allen (all the way from London!), and be a part of a […]

  7. Going to NECC?

    The National Educational Computing Conference will be here before you know it.  Being held from June 24 through June 27, 2007 in Atlanta Georgia, we would love to host a DEN event or two.  So we can plan accordingly, please take a moment and let us know if you are planning to attend and if […]

  8. MyMaps, anywhere I want them

    Recently Google added the ability to mark up Google Maps and save them.  While that’s incredibly cool, I wanted to find a way to embed them into my own web pages as a widget.  While I did discover a way to do so, and included it in the Widgets presentation last week, it was hardly […]

  9. Way Out West Technology Conference

    Join us this weekend on April 28th at the Way Out West Conference on the ASU West campus. The theme this year is Redifining Literacy and the keynote speaker is Bernajean Porter.  Three members of the Arizona DEN Leadership Council will be presenting throughout the day. Technology for Teachers This presentation will demonstrate effective motivating […]

  10. Learn to Podcast

    Greetings Maine Educators! Meet and greet the Maine Leadership DEN Team – Wednesday April 25th 4:30 – 7:00 Sherwood Heights School, Auburn Maine.Just a note to let you know we have been approved for a meeting this Wednesday! So sorry about the short final notice but with vacation behind us things did not get done […]

  11. IETC – Springfield – 2007

    Crown Plaza Hotel, Springfield, IL – November 15 and 16, 2007   A call for presentations is in process for the IETC 2007 conference in Springfield, IL. 1) Deadline for submitting sessions is May 10th… Get presentation ideas at this website…. even session titles and descriptions… 2) Would you like to host a DEN […]

  12. A Call Out to All Social Studies Teachers

    I know it is short notice, but the following information was sent to me by Karla Halcomb about a week ago.  I apologize for the lateness in getting it posted! . American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS is pleased to announce a new fellowship opportunity for elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers of social studies, […]

  13. Unitedstreaming + More Great Content

    Another Benefit for STAR DEN Members! As an added benefit of being a STAR Discovery Educator, you are eligible for a FREE account to unitedstreaming Plus for the entire 2007-2008 school year (including the remainder of the 2006-2007 school year). All STAR DEs  can now access unitedstreaming Plus for the rest of this year and […]

  14. Podcasting… Again???

        Unless you’ve been hiding under an unabridged dictionary, you’ve no doubt heard about the podcasting revolution of the last few years. Podcasting has been making its way into education more and more every day. As with all new technology, people are often reserved and unsure about its usage, capabilities and most of all, […]

  15. Orange Maroon

    Greetings to you all,     Spring is a time to rejuvenate and shake off the winter blues. This past week has been Spring vacation for most of the Maine schools. We started out with a snow storm followed by a devastating northeaster. We may have lost property and suffered damage but nothing can compare […]

  16. Our DEN Blog changed colors today in response to …    Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to declare this Friday, April 20th, an “Orange and Maroon  Effect" day to honor those killed in the tragic events on campus Monday, and to show support for Virginia Tech students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, […]

  17. Orange and Maroon Effect

    In support of those affected by recent occurrences, Discovery Education has altered the color scheme of the blogs.  Please see the following statement for further information: Virginia Tech family members across the country haveunited to declare this Friday, April 20th, an “Orange and Maroon Effect” day to honor those killed in the tragic events on […]

  18. Orange and Maroon Effect

    Nobody will ever forget the horrible events that took place in Virginia on Monday.  In support of the families of the victims as well as the students and faculty of Virginia Tech, the DEN blogs will be participating in the "Orange and Maroon Effect". Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to declare […]