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  1. What are you doing this summer?

    Please forgive me as it’s been a good week and a half or so since I sat down to blog for the DEN. I’ve been in a funk since the end of school came, I think it’s partially the stressing situation of moving campuses. Nothing like moving eh? Today marked the first day that I […]

  2. NECC Update!

    Plans for the National Educational Computing Conference are well underway.  In case you missed the earlier post, here is a recap, including a few updates and an opportunity to volunteer: DEN pre-conference event in cooperation with Animal Planet Summer Adventure! – Over 40 DEN members from across the country will be attending this full day […]

  3. Quotations Book: In the immortal words of…. someone

    Did you know that you needed a Web 2.0 source for quotes?  Of course you didn’t.  But now you have one!  Quotation Books is a website that lets you search for quotes by keyword or by category.  Type in your subject and inspiring, humorous, and stirring quotes will pop up in your browser window.  If […]

  4. A STAR studded EdTechConnect

    Last week, we hosted our final EdTechConnect of the 06-07 school year.  We had four fantastic presenters who shared four incredibly diverse projects.  Thankfully, all four of them have agreed to share their presentations.  If you couldn’t attend, you should definitely scroll through them. You can always email the presenters if you’d like more information […]

  5. Power in Numbers

    Using graphs to find a downed power generator.  Triangulating where a fallen teammate lies.  Calculating angles and trajectories needed to bombard the enemy base. Is this what you do in math class right now?  I don’t see too many hands in the air.  But I bet your students are probably drooling.  This is the approach […]

  6. Do you Woot?

    This site has nothing to do with education.  Instead, it’s all about saving money and getting techie geeky things for really cheap prices.  In other words, if you enjoy reading this blog, then you just may become hooked on Woot! Woot is a website that has a different deal every day.  One day it might […]

  7. Wireless VideoCam: Birds Eye View

    I blame Joe Brennan.  He emailed me about a $6 wireless mike from –no endorsement implied– but I sprang for the $32 wireless video camera just to check it out. How good (or bad) could a $32 wireless video camera be?  I ordered it, it came.  Birds had built a nest in the eaves […]

  8. Memory Days

         A few years ago we in the A.V. department of my former school were surprised to find history students coming in to edit video interviews of WWII vets, WAC’s, and “Rosie the riveters.” It was a great learning experience for the students, but I wish we had been forewarned. Most of the half […]

  9. Counting Categories

    Over the past few weeks we have received lots of "How Do I…?" e-mails and phone calls.  The response has always been to provide the answer and direct them to the appropriate blog posting for future reference. Now it used to be that if you were searching for a particular solution, say getting closed-captioning to […]

  10. Kartoo: Map out your search results

    I have to admit, I’m not exactly sure how to describe Kartoo.  It’s essentially a search engine that maps out the results graphically and shows the connections between them.  Does that mean you’ll get better results?  Well, not necessarily, but you’ll understand how they relate to each other.  Whenever possible, Kartoo also inserts keywords in […]

  11. Look at these Resources

         Matt Monjan over on the Implementation blog posted a list of unitedstreaming resources for you to consider for your summer and beginning of the school year staff development. His article reminded me that there are a few digital storytelling aids tucked away in there too. You have to look a bit, but I’ve […]

  12. Special Planet Earth DVD Promotion

    Soon after Planet Earth aired on the Discovery Channel, requests from educators around the country started to pour in.  We received questions like, "How soon will DVDs be available?" "Can I use the DVDs in schools?" And, of course the inevitable, "How much?" Well, my friends, here is the good news. Discovery Education has procured […]

  13. Wanted, one Blog Chair for Second Life

    Based on the high demand, we’re forming a Second Life leadership council to help direct DEN activities there, as well as organize events in SL for STAR’s to get started there.  As of right now we have a Council Chair and Events co-chairs, but we still don’t have a Blog Chair for the Council.  We […]

  14. Big things happening in Second Life!

    Do you feel a buzz?  If you do, it just might be the flurry of activity that’s happening in Second Life!  After a great meeting last week to talk about what the DEN’s presence in Second Life should look like, we’ve got a fantastic group of STAR’s who have volunteered to take the reigns and […]