Archives for May 3, 2007

  1. A Champion Amongst Us…

    As a DEN community, we need to recognize the achievements of our fellow DEN members. We are very proud of San Diego middle school teacher, MaryCay  Densmore for being one of only 15 winners of Time Warner Cable’s National Teacher Awards.  The award  "recognizes outstanding teachers who develop creative learning experiences using cable television programming […]

  2. To Infinity- And Beyond….

    We just found out that along with Allan Butler, Producer for The Science Channel, astronaut Ken Reightler will be joining the EdTechConnect Webinar tomorrow! Ken was commissioned as a naval officer in 1973.  Upon receiving his "Wings of Gold" in 1974, he began a series of diverse aviation assignments including duty aboard aircraft carriers and […]

  3. Shoot for the Stars (Tomorrow)

    I copied this from the DEN National Blog: Wow!  We have another great addition to tomorrow’s webinar that you and your students will definitely love. Allan Butler, Producer for The Science Channel, will now be joined by astronaut Ken Reightler.  Join us tomorrow, May 4th at 1 PM (EST) for this really special webinar and […]

  4. Student Webinar

    If the moon is made of cheese but it’s in a vacuum of space, could you smell it? Find out tomorrow, May 4 in a special webinar with a producer from the Science Channel and an actual astronaut. Tune in at 10am (PST) with your students for this exciting opportunity. For more details, go to […]

  5. Commercial Trips and Résumés

         With professional video tools available to anyone on any platform, the stage for “home-made” videos just keeps getting bigger.       I got my weekly email from the Travel Channel this morning and it seems that they are hosting a contest for people to make a “FANtasy” commercial based on their own trip […]

  6. DEN Event in June!

    Make plans now to attend a “Day of Discovery” six hour workshop on Thursday, June 28 at the Sarah Simpson Technology Center. Plans are in the works for a great event! . Topics for the day using Unitedstreaming will include the Three Builders, Digital Storytelling and Google Earth tours. At the session in the afternoon, […]