Daily Archives: May 7, 2007

Live Chat with GeeSee

When I was presenting the EdTechConnect Widgetizing the Builders, one of the widgets I wanted to share was a chat box that could be embeded into assignments or quizzes.  Now, you might wonder why anyone would want to embed a chat box into an assignment.  After all, don’t most schools have IM’s blocked within school

Space Week Resources

I just got an email about Space Week on The Science Channel that included a link to some pretty cool resources you might be able to use in the classroom.  The Constellation interactive is definitely something to explore.  Check out the site.

We appreciate Texas teachers!

This week, May 7-11, is teacher appreciation week.  The Texas Leadership Council would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone who is a part of the Discovery Educator Network how much we appreciate you, and a special THANK YOU goes out to our own Texas teachers, who help maintain Texas’ bigger and better status! 

Collaboration – What’s in your neighborhood?

     While Hall was busy putting the finishing touches on the Discovery Educator Speakers Bureau and doing a great job of editing all of the text and presentation descriptions I sent him, I was taking it easy at Northwestern University attending the 10th annual Collaboratory Symposium. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it was

Illinois Educators on Digital Storytelling 2.0

The Illinois DEN’s own Joe Brennan represented IL well at Technology and Learning’s Tech Forum April 27, 2007. Joe and two other IL educators, Jon Orech and David Jakes presented “Digital Storytelling 2.0”. Check out the blurb on their presentation and Joe’s own handout: Presentation: Makin’ Movies. Congratulations Joe, Jon and David as you represented

In Case You Missed It! Space Week Webinar

We had over 60 participants, most of which represented classes ranging from 15 to 75 students, for the Space Week webinar last Friday.  Well over 1,000 students in attendance.  In case you missed it, listen to the audio right here. Also, follow along with the PowerPoint. Download space_week_webinar.ppt

A Thousand Thank You(s)

A few weeks ago 1000 students and their teachers from around the country had an opportunity to interact with Dr. Penny Allen, one of the BBC Producers of the Planet Earth series. After the presentation, a number teachers and their classes created thank you messages. I’ve put those thank you messages into a PowerPoint presentation