AFI Training in Action

Hello Texas!  I attended the AFI training in Dallas back in March and I have now put everything I learned into action.  My students are creating their own Documentaries about World War II.  I am having them use the techniques I learned at the AFI training to help them feel more comfortable with the technology and it is really working.  I have noticed I don’t have all the crazy questions about how do I plug in the camera to what do I do next.  The students are able to do it all on their own.  Now the questions I get are more about the content and how to go to the next level on their projects.  I can’t wait to share what they have done.  The films are due tomorrow and I am so nervous, I was up late at the school today because no matter how hard I work to get them prepared there are still procrastinators.  I promise to keep you up dated.


  1. darcy

    That’s very cool…looking to plan an AFI event in AZ this coming fall, so perhaps my students will do the same…will you share your plans/guidelines?

    thanks a bunch, for pioneering!

  2. Elaine Plybon - Texas LC

    I did the “door scene” with a class over the last week, and it was a really positive experience. I’m anxious to hear how those WWII documentaries turn out — it is so fun watching the creativity!

  3. Diedre Cook

    Thanks for all the great comments. I promise to share as much as I can in an upcoming blog. I am currently busy now trying to find the time to grade 33 documentaries on WWII before we have our screenings next Monday. Yikes, so much to do and so little time. I will try to post some of the best.(I do have a waiver for all of my students) From what I saw today it has turned out GREAT. I had several students tell me they really can’t believe how good their projects turned out. They really didn’t know what to expect. I promise more soon.

  4. JohnT

    I think the AFI process really does take the focus off the technology and places the focus on film techniques. I also attended the AFI Dallas workshop and we have used the Screen Education process with a 4th grade class and had great success. We had to modify the process a little but still created door scenes that had film fundamentals. I am anxious to see these students work on curriculum videos using those techniques. I would also like to see your student examples so I can share student projects created using the AFI Screen Education.

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