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When I was presenting the EdTechConnect Widgetizing the Builders, one of the widgets I wanted to share was a chat box that could be embeded into assignments or quizzes.  Now, you might wonder why anyone would want to embed a chat box into an assignment.  After all, don’t most schools have IM’s blocked within school grounds?

So let’s brainstorm a little

    * Students can ask questions that you or their peers could answer
    * Group discussion is possible even after school hours
    * Teacher can hold evening office hours from his/her own sofa while watching Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
    * Students can collaborate for group work
    * Chat is behind a passcode, so private to that specific class
    * Discussion can be saved and used in class the following day
    * Students can get instant feedback from each other, rather than waiting until class the next day

And so on.  You get the idea.  Unfortunately for me, the site I had chosen to show off, ChatCreator,  was down during my webinar!  Horrible example.  ChatCreator is back up, but I figured it’d be good to have a backup handy, just in case.

This morning I found GeeSee.  It’s the same sort of thing, instant chat box for your web site, blog or unitedstreaming assignment/quiz.  It’s MUCH prettier than ChatCreator, and has some nice features.  Unfortunately, it’s kinda bloated, and has a minimum width of over 450px.  This blog theme max’s out at around 370, so I can’t embed it well into this blog.  Instead, I’ll just provide you with this obnoxious smiley, which will open the chat in a new window.  But if you’re looking for a chat to embed into your own blog or website, then GeeSee is worth bookmarking!

Start Geesee CHAT


  1. Janet Hallstrom

    While our information services department at the district may think we’re circumventing their policies, I can see a lot of possiblities that might make it worth it!

  2. Scott Meech

    I agree with your premise on uses of instant messaging… but too many web 2.0 tools, Geesee for sure, are too hungry for money.

    Reload Geesee a few times and check out their adverts … I like my job in public education to use this particular tool.

    Please don’t let me or my comments stand in the way of web 2.0 as I am totally on board with how much potential is there…

  3. Steve Dembo

    Wow, I didn’t see that. Yikes! That’s a great point. Appreciate you mentioning it. I always check to see if a tool is free or not, but fergot to check whether it was “Ad Free”.

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