Daily Archives: May 15, 2007

iQuiz Maker

If you’re even REMOTELY thinking about how mobile devices can be used in education, then this will have you giddy as a schoolgirl. Via The Bionic Teacher, iTunes is now offering a game called iQuiz that allows people to download and take quizzes on their iPods.  By using the free software iQuiz Maker, you can

Greener "Surfing" Pastures?

(I published this over at my cliotech blog, but thought I’d also share it with the PA DEN.) Okay, I admit to my totally contrived blog post title . . . I couldn’t resist. Who says that we can’t learn from our students? Today, a 7th grade student in my school shared a pretty cool

Pimp-Out Your Website!

Ever wonder what a widget is?  You know, those cool-looking, picture-boxy thingies you see all over peoples websites?   Here’s my everyday definition: "A widget is, like, you know…" Here’s my techie definition: Essentially, a widget is a small program that can be placed on your website/MySpace, etc. profile/desktop that can range in function from a

"Get More" from unitedstreaming

Many of you have enjoyed the resources in the Get More booklets from unitedstreaming.  Personally, I took about 100 of these booklets home after PETE&C.  I have used them in several faculty workshops and my teachers absolutely love them.  Unfortunately, I have already run through my stock.  I was lamenting that I might have to

AFI The Missing Manual

       With apologies to David Pogue – In the last two days, I’ve had at least three requests for help locating the American Film Institute’s "21st CenturyEducator’s Handbook: Protocol and Materials Guide to the Screen Education Process" on the unitedstreaming site. A search on "AFI" will bring up the video clips and then