Archives for May 16, 2007

  1. Voki – and the classroom

    The question was raised last night by Karla Holcomb of the TN LC how Voki could be used in education. I received this voice answer to your question Karla from Karen S. So here goes! “Karen asked me to take this particular voki off….she will make a comment below as to her asking me to.” […]

  2. Training resources from DEN

    Matt Monjan has informed us that they have some surplus in the warehouse of some training materials…. these are not included in the training kits and would be great to order for any events coming up in the next 6 months…. great for back to school trainings….they come in packs of ten (10). here’s a […]

  3. Meet the Author – Janet Hallstrom

    I am a Media Specialist at Fleming Island High School in Orange Park, Florida. My educational experience has spanned the past 33 years and includes teaching at the elementary and high school levels in Mississippi, Texas, and Florida. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree at Miss. State and my Masters at the University of Mississippi. I […]

  4. Let's Build Something Together – Quiz Builder

    True or False – within unitedstreaming you can find three great tools to help you integrate technology into the classroom? True of course!  Way to go you passed the Pop Quiz! And speaking of Pop Quizzes – let’s dive a little deeper into unitedstreaming’s Quiz Builder. The Quiz Builder is a tool that allows you […]