Archives for May 17, 2007

  1. First Mass E-mailing to NY DEN Members

    For those of you who may not have received the first mass e-mailing to all NY DEN members, here is the content of the e-mail: On behalf of the NY DEN Leadership Council, I am emailing to try to share with you what the NY DEN Leadership Council has been up to lately. There is […]

  2. Going, Going, GONE!!!

    Get them while you can! Was notified by DEN that they have some extras in the warehouse of some training materials.  Now’s the time to order some (they come in packs of 10), especially if you’re going to be doing training over the summer.  I understand that once these are gone — that’s it!  So […]

  3. The Benefits of Being a STAR

    I’ve been to a lot of events recently where I’ve heard STAR Discovery Educators talking to each other about the DEN and how much they value the community.  Inevitably, someone who is not familiar with the DEN asks, "What is a STAR Discovery Educator and why would you want to become one?" So, I took […]