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STAR Status for 2007-2008

STAR Status for 2007-2008

On September 1, 2006 we introduced a new level of membership in the DEN: STAR Discovery Educator.  STAR Discovery Educators are the most active participants in the community and in return, they receive all sorts of additional benefits.  As we approach the end of the 2006-2007 school year, we want to make sure that all

Google Timelines

In many school subjects, we use timelines to account events throughout history. We not only consolidate data and make our own timelines, but we view timelines to help us visual the context in which these events occurred. Google now offers the ability to have your search results displayed in timeline format! What a neat feature! Check out this example

Voices of Youth

     I just got an email from my friends at the International Student Media Festival announcing a joint venture between them and the Hope Foundation (where "failure is not an option" is their trademark) to put together a video of K-12 student interviews to show to 2,000 educators at their international conference in the

Hurricane Awareness Week

May 20-26 is Hurricane Awareness Week in Texas. I thought I would post some resources on the blog to help you plan lessons during the week if you’d like to participate. The Governor’s Division of Emergency Management has a website with a lot of information about how to be prepared for and safe during hurricane

Innovate 2007

Last Tuesday, May 8th, I attended Innovate 2007 in Richmond. Innovate 2007 promised to be a peek into the innovative end of technology. According the Innovate Website, “Innovate 2007, modeled after the WIRED NextFest expo, will showcase the innovative technologies and products that could transform education. The expo is organized around the five major components

Let's Build Something Together – Writing Prompt Builder

Ok so here we are on Friday and, as promised, here is the third of three postings on The Builders (Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt). Today we’re going to tackle the Writing Prompt Builder. The Writing Prompt Builder is a tool that allows you to tie together any image that you find on unitedstreaming with